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    RFRG 20yrs later

    Never worked for PS. Kept my tank when I got back in two years later. Just meant I was not in limbo land. It was very clear. 9 +2.5. Nothing weird or unusual while in or on between.
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    RFRG 20yrs later

    No but my first move to sup reserve after 9yrs was clean. I have some documentation on that. I thought I was out for good. But two years later I got back in with another unit and did 2.5 yrs with the final year on class C. Then out for good - sup reserve till it then expired after usual 10yrs...
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    RFRG 20yrs later

    I was active when I was active. No ED&T, medical or other stuff happening.
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    RFRG 20yrs later

    Hi all. Got a RFRG question - the gratuity, golden handshake program. I had 9yrs in reserves, 2 in sup, then 2 more in reserves. So 11 yrs total active service but in a 13 yr period I had that two years of sup time. I never got my RFRG when I finally left. I believe the fin clerk that...
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    All Tigers, No Donkeys - by Kurt Grant

    I was on OP duty the day the WOLF hit the landmine. I was watching it through bino's when she blew. Can anyone tell me who was in that and what the heck they were doing anyways???? I was actually ordered to keep an eye on it as it drove into the zone as it may hit a mine, and whammo! I bought...
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    UNPROFOR Roto 5 - Oct 94 - Apr 95 - 1RCR

    Johnny, its Dave from Ottawa (was in the GGFG, on our tour I was in the pioneer section, 9platoon, C-Coy). I have lots of photos, newspaper clippings, the 8 pointed star. Lots of stuff. I put a scrap book together about 6 years ago.  I also went back to that part of Croatia in 2001 and...