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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Hi Primus, See below for my timeline. I underestimated about being 7-8 months on the list. It was approximately one year. See the above post by kratz concerning my trade. Again, best of luck on being selected and have a great weekend! Application Date: 09/23/16 First Contact: 09/27/16 CFAT...
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    Civilian Medical Records

    You really should not be lying at any point of your application and hopefully in your career as well (assuming you are selected for your preferred trade). As stated above, there are repercussions if it was somehow discovered that you were untruthful. 
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    One more for the record...

    Good luck in your application!
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    Physical Fitness (Jogging, Diet, Cardiovascular, and Strength )

    Hi daftandbarmy, Thanks for the 10/10 treadmill workout. Very interesting! I will give it a try tomorrow!
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    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    Hi Roger123, I was in the same situation as you since my interview, reliability status, and my medical examination had expired after the one year period. I had the same concern as you and it was explained to me by my local CFRC that I would remain on the competition list. Essentially, you are...
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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Hi SomeCodingNobody, I agree with you 100%. Finding something else to do in the interim would be very wise as you are not guaranteed a job. As a conservative approach, I would highly suggest that you assume that the CAF will not be selecting you and that you continue to live your life as though...
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    DND: Opportunity to provide information.

    I knew someone with a similar situation like yours, but this was a long time ago. In the end, the individual still got accepted into the CAF (although it took a little over two years). I've lost contact with that person; however, I will do my best over the next few days to see if I can find this...
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    BMOQ 2018 - Regular Force

    Congratulations Tsteevz! Good job! Best of luck in your training!
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    Individual Learning Plans (ILP) [Merged]

    Hi, I have accepted an offer of employment with the CAF. My official enrollment date is in mid-August. I am planning on obtaining at least one Master`s Degree part-time while serving as a full-time Regular Force member. Obviously, I will be extremely busy during BMOQ and will not have time to...
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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Hi Mahbub9803, I just read your post and that is wonderful to hear! I am really happy that you think that the interview went well. Generally, that is an excellent sign from my own personal experiences. Best of luck in your medical examination tomorrow! Kindest regards, Volidyr
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    Declining an offer (merged)

    Removed due to inappropriate comments.
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    Basic Training - Mentally Demanding?

    Similar to the previous poster's saying of "embrace the crap", former UFC fighter Chael P. Sonnen also had a great saying of "trying to find comfort in discomfort" or "getting comfortable with discomfort". I often used this when I ran in preparation for BMOQ (and still continue to do so) in...
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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Hi Mahbub9803, Firstly, it is my pleasure to assist you. I was once in your position as a new applicant without much knowledge about the CAF and the application process. Many members on this forum helped me out with my questions, so it is only fair that I return the same favour to others...
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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Hi Mahbub9803, A) Concerning your interview, see below for my personal tips: 1) Understand your trade choices and their main responsibilities 2) Dress in business attire. A suit would be ideal as you are applying as an Officer. 3) Be prepared to discuss your previous leadership experience...
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    BMOQ 2018 - Regular Force

    Hi, I am leaving for BMOQ on Saturday, August, 25, 2018. I have a few forms to fill out and my file manager has not been very clear in answering some questions. I am hoping to get some clarification concerning the following issues: 1) On one of the forms, it states that "The Canadian Armed...
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    BMOQ 2018 - Regular Force

    Hi all, I was browsing the CAF subreddit and I read the following comment from someone who was in BMOQ: "I saw exactly the same thing happen on my BMOQ last month, with no repercussions for the instructors. The staff also told us "if you get injured and ask to go to MIR, it's possible you'll...
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    BMQ 2019 - Regular Force

    I got my offer on June 6!
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    BMOQ 2018 - Regular Force

    I just got selected on June 6. No phone call. Only e-mail which got sent to junk mail folder and I had 14 days to respond. I responded yesterday on the 13th day and everything went well. Going to BMOQ on August 27. I have no idea how I made it, but I did. Please check your junk mail!
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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Hi Buck, If "selected and enrolled are not interchangeable", could you please clarify/define each of those terms?  Thanks, wnhan
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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Hi Buck, Concerning your statement that "for fiscal year 17/18 positions, you must be enrolled by 31-March; although you might not start training until later in the year. This year 31-March is a Saturday and 30-March is Good Friday (a stat); so the last day to enrol for FY 17/18 is 29-March"...