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    General CFRC Questions – Regular Forces

    I just completed the RAVEN program and I have gained interest in joining the Navy, but I am curious if you have a choice on where you would like to be posted in the reg force. I happen to live on Vancouver Island and what would be the odds of me being posted to Esquimalt??
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    Raven program

    Hi there, I am potentially joining the Raven program this summer. I have some questions about the program. -What exactly could I learn throughout the BMQ training? -Is there any sort of ruck sack march in the Raven program? (To be honest it sounds exciting haha!) -Is there any Navy type of...
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    Bold Eagle program

    I applied for this Aboriginal program back in March. I know it was kind of last minute but I'm still waiting on the background check which started a couple weeks ago and when I called the recruiting centre yesterday about my file the recruiter said background checking is still in process and...
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    Physical fitness test

    You only need the consent form signed. I'm 17 and I went with only the parental consent in April.
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    Primary Reserve Gunner Career Progression

    Is it possible to take the BMQ-L course on weekends??
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    Medical follow-up for past depression

    But I'm actually not taking any sort of medication or never have and I'm doing great nowadays but I've had depression a long time ago due to the loss of my mom
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    Medical follow-up for past depression

    I had my interview this morning as well I was found suitable and eligible. All else was great with my interview and medical exam.. it's just the past depression part, will it effect my chance of being accepted into the Canadian forces?
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    Medical follow-up for past depression

    I had my medical exam today and I was asked if I've had to go see a therapist then I said it was because of past depression and suicidal thoughts but when I went to my family doctor with the form I was given he said he wouldn't fill it out because he can't tell anyone about me without my consent...