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  1. Leeworthy

    Paying pmq and mortgage

    Hey everyone. Been on hiadus for a little while. I've been posted to petawawa. I am getting a pmq there, but the kicker is my house has not sold at my old location. Asides from tdra(covers interest and utilities) is there anything else that is available to help offset these costs until my...
  2. Leeworthy

    Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

    There is a ql3 running in October. But unless you are here already you probably won't be on it. The next ones after that are in jan. That's all I know as of now.
  3. Leeworthy

    Single Quarters & Rations (R&Q) [MERGED]

    I'm here in Borden now. You will have to pay rations for sure. Yeah cannot separate from rations when you are on an initial trades course. If y are attach posted then you can. The Only thing we can have taken off is you quarters. Which is 98 a month. Rations are 526 I believe a month.
  4. Leeworthy


    Thanks for the reply and info. I'm just finding out my posting. I am on my QL3 for a new trade, remuster. I'll talk to the COC on Monday and see what avenue I can go. I asked for Trenton, Kingston and Borden. But got Pet. The first two would have been close enough that we could still continue...
  5. Leeworthy

    All About PAT (merged)

    Good morning. You will be on pat until you are course loaded for your ql3 course. I would bring enough civie clothes with you to wear until you get kitted. Usually within the first few days of being on pat. You will also need civie clothes for your locker inspections and layout. Civie shorts for...
  6. Leeworthy


    Hey all, just received  my posting message and had a few questions and concerns. I ended up getting 2svc bn in Pet. I've been reading up on the local area, and it has me concerned. My son has a disability which has finally been diagnosed (autism) and has specialized drs and programs in our...
  7. Leeworthy

    For Sale - Log Mess Kit

    What are you asking for the kit?
  8. Leeworthy

    Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

    Morning, AS an Air Force MSE OP, you do not have to do BMQ-L or SQ as it is called. Only Army do that course. If you were to remuster, you would be put onto a QL3 or PAT Pl until your course started if you chose the Air Uniform.
  9. Leeworthy

    Underage Drinking Fears (Merged)

    I think you OK
  10. Leeworthy

    Request for equivalency after 20 years

    PLAR requests will end up going to CFRG in Borden. They handle them all. So Kingston may be compiling the info required and sending it off to be looked at.
  11. Leeworthy

    BMQ APRIL 18th 2016

    Congrats all on the start of a very awesome career!
  12. Leeworthy

    Hyena Road

    Its funny you mention that. I watched the movie, and the first thing I said to my wife was, who the hell does that?
  13. Leeworthy

    Request for equivalency after 20 years

    Welcome to Army.ca Yes, if you have had any prior service they will automatically do a PLAR to assess you for qualifications and Time in trade towards other aspects. For example, RSBP (recruit school by-pass), trades qualifications and rank and pay purposes. I would assume after 20 years you...
  14. Leeworthy

    Exploring My Options

    Good morning. Everyone has a different story of what their trade is like. Yes, being infantry is a hard trade. You work hard and you play hard. But you are also training to be a front line soldier who protects the lives of other troops. Its your main role. I know a lot of people who are combat...
  15. Leeworthy

    CAN Mission in Haiti (ops, medals, etc) - merged

    Hmm, very interesting. I was in Haiti for the January 2010 earthquake. The UN and other NGO's seemed to be doing just fine there. There were not to many security issues that I recall asides from looters and people trying to take food from NGO and military handout points. These weren't rebel...
  16. Leeworthy

    Fast processing

    Seems you have applied for the reserves? Since you have completed your FORCES test already. I don't see that being a super quick timeline for processing seeing as it is a Res F Position. Now if you said that was a Reg F timeline then I would say yes, it is very fast.
  17. Leeworthy

    Back with the PMQ Questions !

    Lots of pmqs avail in Borden
  18. Leeworthy

    Seeking some advice

    Welcome to the forums. I say finish high school before going reg force. It helps in all aspects of your life. I can't touch on reserve training as I was reg force then reserve then reg again but the courses are mostly the same just sometimes shorter and done on weekends or during the summer...
  19. Leeworthy

    All Memo Templates: (AVOTP, ED&T, File Number, OJT, OT, Release, Retention)

    Good morning Have you gone to the release section yet? AFAIK a memo is not required. There is an application for that must be submitted and sent up through your CoC. If you want to do a memo, just use standard military writing format Use the ref for releases. Your subj line would be along...
  20. Leeworthy

    Borden Thread- Merged

    Am also in bordeni on awatr. That's basically all you need. Laptop with some movies saved my life. Even with a car, unless you wanna blow your money there isn't much to do around the area.  Locks for your locker, one for your gym locker when you go. Lots of people with WiFi. Find someone to...