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  1. soldiersoon

    Application - How long does it take? (Merged)

    I handed in my application May1st 2006. My file was merit listed May23rd, and I got the job offer on May31st. I was told I have a BMQ August 14th. I'm going reg force infantry PPCLI.
  2. soldiersoon

    The 2006 Stanley Cup Playoff Thread

    Ya Don Cherry put in the good word.
  3. soldiersoon

    BMQ on Aug. 7 in St. Jean?

    My BMQ is on August 14th, and I'm also going for reg force Infantry with PPCLI. Not sure which battalion I'll end up with. I'll probly see you around.
  4. soldiersoon

    St. Jean BMQ on August 14th. Who's going?

    I got my call on June 5th for a BMQ starting on the 14th of August. I've been accepted for NCM Infantry with PPCLI. I can't wait. I'm from Sudbury Ontario. I'd like to chat with some people that are also going.
  5. soldiersoon

    BMQ on Aug. 7 in St. Jean?

    I wish I could chat about the August 7th BMQ, but I'm actually starting BMQ on August 14th. Either way, I just got back from running this afternoon in the heat. I've been trying to run at least 5 times a week for the past 3 months, along with pushups, sit ups , and chin ups. I'm just having a...
  6. soldiersoon

    BMQ on Aug. 7 in St. Jean?

    The Capt. at the recruiting centre wasn't sure if that was my BMQ date or not. He said he would call back in a few days. It most likely is, seeing as others have this same BMQ date in St. Jean.
  7. soldiersoon

    BMQ June 24 onwards!

    I also got a phone call today from the recruiting centre offering me reg force infantry with PPCLI. They weren't sure on the BMQ date yet, but he said its probably early August, so my guess is on August 7 like yourself. Peace.
  8. soldiersoon

    Gonna be waiting for a BMQ call

    Good news man, I'm glad for you. I'm guessing that's the same St. Jean BMQ I'll be going to. Can't wait.
  9. soldiersoon

    Gonna be waiting for a BMQ call

    The recruiting centre called today to tell me I've been accepted for Infantry with PPCLI. I don't know if that is final yet as I haven't even gone to basic yet, but I guess that's where I'm going to end up, and not sure about the battalion. I'd prefer the 3rd, but who am I to decide, I just give...
  10. soldiersoon

    Gonna be waiting for a BMQ call

    Well I guess today when i was out, my recruiting centre left a message for me with my mom that it's time for me to book my PT test at the local college. They also said that they have a BMQ date for me to accept, either for St. Jean unless theres an overflow and I get tossed into Borden instead...
  11. soldiersoon

    Gonna be waiting for a BMQ call

          I showed up May 1st with my application all done, and i got a call to be there for my medical and interview on May10th at 0900. From there , if all goes well, they will send out everything and I'll just be waiting for them to call me for a BMQ. I can't wait either, it seems like everything...
  12. soldiersoon

    Gonna be waiting for a BMQ call

    Hey guys, I'm new at this. May 1st, my application file will be reviewed, i will be doing the medical, interview, and finally my physical at a nearby college. They will be done in that order. I'm not worried about the physical as i have been getting into shape for the past year after graduating...
  13. soldiersoon

    Shortened recruiting times

            This is great news to me, as i am able to re-apply as of May1st 2006. I was thinking that I would have to wait like 5 months until actually being set up for a BMQ, but as these people have been put through about 2 months later, thats just awesome. I'll be applying for Infantry soldier...