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  1. JEDelta

    No aircrew selection for COT-U?

    It must be different for non-aircrew trades. I was told both AEC and ACSO would have been available to me until it was determined that my aircrew selection (ACS) was more than five years ago. I guess it makes sense based off of what you were told, and what I was told. They must not want to send...
  2. JEDelta

    No aircrew selection for COT-U?

    Hi all, I'm currently undergoing a COT-U from the Pilot trade. I talked to the PSO and he said that AEC was open, and would likely remain open for the next competition period. I passed the testing for AEC when I did aircrew selection about 6.5 years ago, but the PSO said that I wouldn't be...
  3. JEDelta

    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    For RMC: http://www.rmc.ca/adm/nces-senc-eng.php For the CF http://forces.ca/en/page/applynow-100#education I was home schooled my entire life, and this fall I will be heading to Kingston as a pilot in the ROTP program. This is how I met the requirements: 1. My homeschooling curriculum...