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    BMQ Regular Force 2005 - 2017 [Merged]

    Congratulations and the best of luck to everyone! 
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    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    Well, I think you know exactly how it will look. Like someone that is not prepared, I can't really give you a time frame for when you will get another appointment, depends on the available scheduling. Make sure you don't waste anytime on getting on top of your paper work, their not interested in...
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    Regiment tattoo

    Oh boy...You can, but you may want to think long and hard if its something you want to do. I'm curious as to why you would ask this in the recruit sub section though.
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    BMQ Regular Force 2005 - 2017 [Merged]

    This is great advice, I always focused on the next meal and before I knew it would be the end of the day. Food is a great motivator  ;D
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    Recruitment proces moving quickly

    Well, I've been contacted asking about my posting preferences. After promptly replying I soon received a reply 2 hours later informing me that I've been placed in my first pick. I've been told that their in the final stages of processing, with my interview/medical done along with my background...
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    BMQ Regular Force 2005 - 2017 [Merged]

    Man, I've heard this applied to pretty much any postings in the CAF. Honestly Borden is not that bad, at least its not Shilo. Toronto is but a short drive away if your interested in city life.
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    Toronto: Love it or hate it?

    Three things you don't talk about with strangers, religion, politics and Toronto.
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    Vehicle Tech?

    That's too bad, I hear good things about vehicle techs though hopefully you find it enjoyable.  :)
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    Vehicle Tech?

    If you get a job offer for Artillery shoot me a pm and I can give you some course material to study if you want a leg up once you get to your DP1.
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    What's the hold up?

    Student loan debt is pretty common and nothing something I would stress too much over assuming its a reasonable amount.
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    Primary Reserve Gunner Career Progression

    heh, anyone that has completed Arty DP1 could learn #2 on a 81 in a matter of hours if that, theirs really not much to it and the #3 should be able to do a 1 man lay once he becomes comfortable with how finicky the bubbles can be. The conversion course as an whole could easily be done on a part...
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    Recently changed Recruiting Centres and being told contradicting things

    Mario would be correct, I was an Artillery Gunner.
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    Recently changed Recruiting Centres and being told contradicting things

    Thanks for taking the time to respond, I appreciate that. I actually did bring in my MPPR which was given to me at the time of my release but I was told that they still would require a PLAR. I have done a bit of reading here as well as talked to a few colleagues that I've worked with that have...
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    Recently changed Recruiting Centres and being told contradicting things

    Hey guys, so just have a little situation here and looking for some clarification. I completed a 3 year contract from 2011-2014 and released with out any kind of issues and on good terms. I attended a year of university before deciding that I was happier in the Forces in my previous occupation...
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    Yay me

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    Direct Entry Officer (DEO) questions [Merged]

    Lets be real here, we know this isn't the case for a lot of people.
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    Training Cuts

    I was in a combat arms regiment in 2014 and I can assure you we shot far more then 50 rounds for the year. The article is grossly exaggerated and full of misinformation.
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    Returning member

    Hello there, just have a quick question. I completed my 3 year TOS last year in April and was transferred into the supplementary reserve and released. However I have realized that I should of never left the Forces and would like to pick up where I left off to commit long term to the CAF. My...