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    AF Spouses

    I have been Googling for over an hour and cannot find any info on Canadian AF wives and their lifestyle.  Flying is MY dream job so it is my responsibility to find out how it will affect the ones left behind (wife and future kids). The US has a lot of stuff for wives but I want to serve...
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    Life as a CF pilot

    Thank you for answering my first question.  That makes way more sense than what I was told.  I have quoted my second question (with a small correction) so that people don't miss it. Thank you again, T
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    Life as a CF pilot

    Hi,  I'm applying to be a pilot and my chances are good.  I don't want to talk about that part.  I have so many questions about CF life. 1. Does the CF control your banking, home buying, etc?  I heard someone say that but I don't think it's accurate. 2. My dream has been to fly, but family is...