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  1. Magisterjuris

    Legal O recruiting

    Hey there Csers. It's been a while. I shot you a PM with some tips and ideas. Littleblackdevil, I don't think we've spoken, but feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions.
  2. Magisterjuris

    Legal Officer Recruiting [Merged]

    Thanks TGO2. It is only the interview. Don't have an offer in hand yet... Winds_13, thank you for that additional info. It raises a couple of questions: 1. I assume the SIPs are tied to the fiscal year? Would my interview be for the 2018/19 intake or 2019/20? 2. Given that some of the...
  3. Magisterjuris

    Legal Officer Recruiting [Merged]

    Hello again everyone. It has been some time since I posted. I recieved phone calls similar to the board members above regarding JAG recruiting - how assessments are made, the number of applicants and so on. I was called last week by a Major from the OJAG, and was invited to an interview at NDHQ...
  4. Magisterjuris

    Direct Entry Officer (DEO) questions [Merged]

    I had similar thoughts. I'll try and get some additional info from the CFRC. If I find anything out, I will post it.
  5. Magisterjuris

    Direct Entry Officer (DEO) questions [Merged]

    Good day. Thanks to some of the administrative staff from these forums, I was able to get back in touch directly with the local CFRC and the staff there. Thank you very much for your assistance. I sincerely appreciate it. I spoke with a Petty Officer who is looking over my file. He...
  6. Magisterjuris

    Prior Learning Assessment Review( PLAR ) FAQs

    Good day. This board is an invaluable resource. It has answered many of my questions regarding the purpose and process of, as well as the considerations relevant to a PLAR. I have a DEO Legal Officer application in progress at the moment. It has been nominated for Jag Pre-Board Review. Around...
  7. Magisterjuris

    Legal Officer Application

    Good Day, I have a DEO legal officer application in progress. After inquiring on June 11, 2016 if any additional documentation was required I received this response from my recruiter: "Your application has been nominated for JAG pre-board review. Once the JAG office have determined that you...