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  1. BlueAngels14

    Voluntary Occupational Transfer ( VOT )

    I'm going from NWO to Arty O, talk about excitement lol. How long it takes depends on the internal annual intake/outcap numbers as you'd be considered as in-service selection. I finished my NWO phase training and was 7 months into the fleet, I just carried on and tried my best without thinking...
  2. BlueAngels14

    No aircrew selection for COT-U?

    Hi JEDelta, I just attended a BPSO Q&A session two days ago (NWO in the fleet trying to VOT-U to the Army). Can confirm that the PSO said aircrew trades are not available for COT, however no reason was given. I don't know how the Pilot trade works, my Pilot friends told me something about a...
  3. BlueAngels14

    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    I downloaded the "CFAT Trainer Lite - Canadian Forces Test Prep" on my phone and practiced on there and was successful on my CFAT.
  4. BlueAngels14

    T-Shirts while on BMOQ and Logistiks

    Fill out the kit exchange form and attach it to the mangled blue shirt using a string. Place them on the CPC cart and see if your staff can exchange it for you at the QM. The grey PT shirts unfortunately cannot be exchanged after they've been worn. You definitely do not need them after basic...
  5. BlueAngels14

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    Happy 2017 ladies and gentlemen! :subbies: Swearing in in 3 days, this is getting real, so excited! [:D
  6. BlueAngels14

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    I agree with Fluff. I personally would have recommended to have the offer signed and emailed back anyway as it would put me at ease with solid paperwork as reference. My CFRC also asked me to sign the offer letter after I accepted over the phone.
  7. BlueAngels14

    Deciphering enrollment paperwork

    Nevermind I solved it. [:-[ Upon reading both the French and English side, I see that the French side ends at item 8c., whereas the English side ends at item 8d. Turns out the "O" is suppose to be a continuing sentence from items 8c., which states "If your medical condition changes, advise your...
  8. BlueAngels14

    Deciphering enrollment paperwork

    In my BMOQ joining instructions package, under the heading "Preparing for Training", item 8d. states "O as soon as possible. You will be held responsible if you fail to do so". What exactly does "O" stand for?
  9. BlueAngels14

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    UPDATE: I emailed my CFRC today and the Captain mentioned to me that they undergone a major shift in work flow, that's why I might not have received the info yet. A File Manager emailed me in the same day later on for the enrollment package. What a relief! ;D
  10. BlueAngels14

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    Congrats elsalado! I guess different recruitment centres schedule things a little different haha. I initially accepted my offer over the phone and didn't receive the offer letter until a month later. I then signed it, scanned it, and emailed it back.
  11. BlueAngels14

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    The Sergeant who contacted me did ask about my preference for oath or affirmation, asked me about visitors, and asked me verbally if I accept the offer. After that they never sent me an offer letter until I chased after them. (Thanks to Sergeant Laen's assistance on here.) So now that January is...
  12. BlueAngels14

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    Has anyone received their enrollment ceremony details yet? I know from my offer letter that I get sworn in on January 4th, 2017 but I still haven't received any details on the time and location yet.
  13. BlueAngels14


    Before I got my offer recently, I would constantly follow up with the Sergeant who was assisting me at the CFRC almost every two weeks. I found myself apologizing in an email once because of the frequent follow up as I felt like I was bugging the hell out of the Sergeant. You know what he said...
  14. BlueAngels14

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    Congrats Faraneith, I'm glad that you were able to pursue your passion and got the trade! We look forward to working with you during BMOQ! Honestly, I got the phone call for an offer on August 26th, 2016 so it's been a month and I got a little worried. Thanks to Sergeant Laen's assistance...
  15. BlueAngels14

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    Thanks DYMO! LOL! I sincerely hope Sergeant Laen sees this! :salute: There should be one for DAA too. [:D
  16. BlueAngels14

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    Thanks for the replies gentlemen! With Sergeant Laen's kind assistance I finally received the official letter through email today. I've never printed, signed, scanned, and sent the darn thing back so quickly in my life haha. Cheers! [lol:
  17. BlueAngels14

    Enrolment offer; quiting current employment.

    Good day Sergeant Laen, I received my offer via a phone call on August 26th, 2016. At that time I was informed that my BMOQ is on January 16th, 2017, and I was given the option of how I'd like to swear in. I was also verbally asked if I accept the offer, in which of course I did! I know that my...
  18. BlueAngels14

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    Hey everybody congrats on your offers! I look forward to working with y'all! Just wondering how long did it take for you guys to receive the email after they called you for an offer? My CFRC called me on August 26th, 2016 for my offer for BMOQ on January 16th, 2017, asked about how I would like...
  19. BlueAngels14

    Annual RCN Great Lakes Tour (merged)

    "HMCS Ville de Québec docks in Toronto Tour the ship this Thursday, Saturday City Centre Mirror The HMCS Ville de Québec is due to arrive in Toronto on Tuesday, Sept. 13. The Canadian ship will be docked this week at Corus Quay Dock, 25 Dockside Dr., between Lower Jarvis and Lower Sherbourne...
  20. BlueAngels14

    Jury Duty

    I do agree with you however I am going to be enrolled in regular force via direct entry as a MARS. [:)