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  1. 155mmMoose

    day to day life of an armoured crewmen

    Sounds like a job to me.  ::)
  2. 155mmMoose

    US Army Strykers at Kandahar criticized

    Referring to MarkOttawa's original post, Its good that we are making a good impression to the Americans, and setting an example for all the troops in A-stan.
  3. 155mmMoose

    The "Wanting To Join Another Military" Thread- Them To Us- Us To Them

    I believe you need citizenship. :\
  4. 155mmMoose

    Nations rifles and Your Favorites

    Not really pertaining to much, bet out of experience or simply your interest to any of the worlds standard infantry rifles, which one would you mind trying? I would like to go for a round with France's FAMAS or the Swiss SIG 550 sometime in my travels.
  5. 155mmMoose


    Ah! Thats exactly what i was looking for. Thanks man, Makes me proud to be a canuck. :D
  6. 155mmMoose


    Yeah totally. Just wondered because it came from an unreliable source.
  7. 155mmMoose


    "In world war 1, the term "Storm Trooper" was invented for Canadian soldiers after Germans had witnessed their finesse at trench-clearing" Is this true?
  8. 155mmMoose

    Ship seized near B.C.

    I don't know much about the olympics, but only 76 people sounds a little small for a team.
  9. 155mmMoose

    Canada's military peers into future, and it's scary

    Oh no! Terrorists in a geographic rainbow known as the "arc of instability" are pissing off the Canadian military? Sucks to be them.  ^-^
  10. 155mmMoose

    A Canadian soldier's story from Afghanistan - link to CBC News

    Fantastic story, Totally glad i clicked. The message is too true too!
  11. 155mmMoose

    Punks Taunt Multiple Amputee

    Thats terrible. Ungrateful little s**ts! Well, hopefully he can get on the team!
  12. 155mmMoose

    List of Items needed for Basic

    Umm. I remember seeing somewhere like 200 something dollars for expenses such as haircuts and whatnot. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  13. 155mmMoose

    Mystery Halo over Moscow!

    Woah, Crazy. Looks pretty legit. Cool!
  14. 155mmMoose

    Receieved the Call

    Congratulatuons! Hope it works out for the best.
  15. 155mmMoose

    November 2009 BMQ

    Its great to see so many signing on. Hopefully my date is not too far away. Best of luck to you all!
  16. 155mmMoose

    Military Presence in Alberta

    Thats great. I feel so secure when driving around a large vehicle armed with a 25mm Cannon  ^-^
  17. 155mmMoose

    Military Presence in Alberta

    I used the search bar and i came up with nothing: So here it goes. While driving around Medicine Hat, Alberta on the No.1 Highway i often see military vehicles such as the Gelaendenwagen, Or G-Wagon as i have heard it referred to, And on a handful of occasions i have seen our LAV's cruising...
  18. 155mmMoose

    The Hardest Part Of Basic Training?

    I need a word from a man or woman from service, who has been through it already. In all honestly, whats the most difficult part of boot camp? From what i have heard, Dorm maintenance is challenging. But i believe the hardest part would have to be the constant effort of pushing yourself every day...