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  1. HollywoodCowboy

    What to bring to the Field- Tips and Tricks

    I bring my wife, she carries everything, cleans and cooks. Sorry mom you were slowing me down. PS she wears a shemagh!
  2. HollywoodCowboy

    Staffing PRes Summer IT (From: Cutting the CF/DND HQ bloat)

    Last time I instructed in Meaford was 98, sounds like nothing has changed. I recall when I got my civi career going and could not go away for summer anymore, I would get the guilt trip and then I was out of the "circle" in the unit. So maybe part of the problem is those Res Senior NCO's that...
  3. HollywoodCowboy

    The Modern Warrior’s Combat Load

    Old school  - 100 pounds of "old" $hit New school - 100 pounds of "light weight" $hit That's about it in a nut shell…
  4. HollywoodCowboy

    Saluting Foreign Officers

    As a young Cpl many t-shirts ago, I ran into a German and I had no idea what rank he was, so I fired a salute and he smiled and returned it, next came a Brit, this guy had a crown so I say "good day Warrant", smiled and politely said he was a major, fired a salute. Then came this guy in a camo...
  5. HollywoodCowboy

    Child Soldiers

    IMHO It all depends on the situation, killing anyone regardless of age sucks, we all signed that dotted line knowing full well what we would be getting into both physically and mentally.
  6. HollywoodCowboy

    Survival kits

    She has a ruck that has a seat and cold beers, I sit in it, she's kinda like a sherpa.
  7. HollywoodCowboy

    The Great Gun Control Debate

    Don't forget alcohol, how many lives has that liquid destroyed, as long as the government gets it's money from it, who cares.
  8. HollywoodCowboy

    What does it mean to you?

    Soldiering on.. what button combo is this on "call of duty"
  9. HollywoodCowboy

    Survival kits

    My wife, she does it all.
  10. HollywoodCowboy

    Questions about joining the Reserves

    What did your Sgt do?
  11. HollywoodCowboy

    Small Pack Issue

    I just gave mine back, never used it once when it first came out. The bin rat was shocked that it was still in it's original packaging.
  12. HollywoodCowboy

    New Canada-Croatia military partnership

    As a Canadian Scroat myself, I just have to defend Mr. Z, he after all was beaten by his mother with a wooden spoon, along with Baba's help, we Croatian men are very ashamed of this and have a hard time dealing with it. I missed him before he was banned but I'm sure he's sitting in his parents...
  13. HollywoodCowboy

    Brigade Changes

    How does L&W and 56FD go 32 when they are located in St Catharines and Brantford while RHLI and ASHofC is in Hamilton! Do you have a source?
  14. HollywoodCowboy

    Inf NCM on OP Det Course- Prep materials?

    Just remember the first letter in every word... Old Women Love Dirty Dicks They Think All Dicks Are Marvellous OP's sequence of orders!
  15. HollywoodCowboy

    C7A2 Foregrip?

    No wax on his handle bar stash.
  16. HollywoodCowboy

    New CF helmet in testing

  17. HollywoodCowboy

    Restricted Rifle siezed unless transfered

    He can go to a gun store and they can accept it under consignment, he might have to pay a small service charge.
  18. HollywoodCowboy

    Reserve Force Retirement Gratuity

    Do they grandfather if you have been in for 15 yrs at 2007. I'm a few months away from a full 20 in the old system, new system gonna take me 10 more years to get the full 100%. Anyone have any idea?
  19. HollywoodCowboy

    Promotions in the CAF [Merged]

    Really, my last post, check your source on that one.