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  1. Turbo291

    Can anyone suggest a Realtor?

    I agree with PuckChaser; and I also live in Greenwood Park for 8 years now. As with anything, it depends on your lifestyle, needs, and wants.  Yes, shopping is in the west end; but I go to work every day not shopping everyday. On this side there's a vet, dental clinic, medical clinic, yoga...
  2. Turbo291

    Voluntary Release withdrawl

    Just an afterthought....I never did find anything, nor could anyone confirm what a 4 (a) disabled is.  Does it even exist? Just curious...
  3. Turbo291

    Voluntary Release withdrawl

    Just an update...30 days to the day initiated ... release changed from 4a to 3b final release date in two weeks. I have a fantastic chain of command that was 100% behind me and fought for this and very lucky. :salute: :salute: Thanks again for your help .....
  4. Turbo291

    Voluntary Release withdrawl

    Thanks all....VR withdrawl initiated and CoC supporting 100% and working on it... Thanks for the input...
  5. Turbo291

    Voluntary Release withdrawl

    Have been searching and compiling info through this means and others and still confused a bit... Trying to unravel the paper work involved with this nightmare and on a timeline. Basically submitted VR 4(a) (over 25 years complete) and told it would be 4a (Disabled), AR/MEL received 30 days...
  6. Turbo291

    For Sale - Air Force Mess Kit ($250)

    Do you still have this for sale? Please email a reply to Email  coaster007@live.ca Thanks