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  1. mike63

    WO Dave Bennett - ACISS

    Well son of a bitch...thanks.
  2. mike63

    WO Dave Bennett - ACISS

    Hey Al, I just saw this post now, haven't been on a while.  Is this the same Dave Bennett that was in JSR in the early 2000's, then went to CSOR for a while?  He taught on a few of the NCCIS crse's with Jody Johnson?
  3. mike63

    Sgt ret Alfred I Keep

    RIP Sapper :cdnsalute:
  4. mike63

    Are There Reserved Parking Spaces on Canadian Bases ?

    You Al had a reserved spot?  Where are you at now? Mike
  5. mike63

    Sgt (Ret'd) Andy Ratkai MSE OP

    Ratkai, Andy, Sgt(Ret'd) MSE OP Peacefully in his sleep on Wednesday May 23, 2018 at the age of 63. Andy will be fondly remembered by his many friends in North Bay and the Military “as he’s gone on the long ride “. Left to honour Andy’s life include his sister Liz Dobbs Jones (Mike Jones), his...
  6. mike63

    Wearing of non recognized medals in EMS

    WOW...must really suck when they take that to the dry cleaners eh!
  7. mike63

    The Iron Men (1963) short documentary

    Being born in 1963, it was nice to see colour film from that time.  I was never Armour, but always loved tanks.  Thanks for posting this jfposada.
  8. mike63

    Irishman's First DRink With Son

    Hahahaha.....now that right there is funny!
  9. mike63

    Stephen Hawking dead at 76

    RIP Sir! I only ever saw him on 'The Big Bang Theory'.  I wonder if they will do an episode on his passing. 
  10. mike63

    Scary Lucy

    I remember watching 'I Love Lucy', as a matter of fact, my granddaughter, who is only 8 yrs old, asked me 3 weeks ago to down load all her seasons, she loves it!  But that statue doesn't look anything like her!
  11. mike63

    Phoenix Pay System - Shit's Horrible

    Update to my situ - received by T4 via snail mail this past week, so I'm not worried about that anymore.  Also, Phoenix pay was stopped right after my retirement date, so my pay has stopped, which is a good thing because of what I have heard about others continuing to get pad after retirement. ...
  12. mike63

    Jeans & mass punishment? #2

    I spent 7 years working at CDA, and I can tell you I wore jeans to work every day.  The only times I didn't was when we had to go to RMC Currie Hall for either lectures, presentations or our yearly orientation days.  Basically the only reason why I chose to wear jeans and a t-shirt each day is...
  13. mike63

    Phoenix Pay System - Shit's Horrible

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  Yep, I can see that and the forms but it doesn't give me an option to print off the T4, only thing I can do is see the box number, box name and box value. I guess I'll have to contact my old supvr or HR to see eh.
  14. mike63

    Phoenix Pay System - Shit's Horrible

    I'm looking at MyAccount right now, but I don't see where you can print off a copy of the T4.  Is that possible or do you have to get it from work?  I retired in Jan and am not at work.
  15. mike63

    Phoenix Pay System - Shit's Horrible

    Thanks Colin, email request was sent to my supvr for this today.
  16. mike63

    Phoenix Pay System - Shit's Horrible

    Well my last day in the PS was yesterday, Jan 22nd, I'm curious to see either how long I will continue to get paid or, now long it's going to take to get my pension!
  17. mike63

    Auditor General Suggests RMC Not Working

    :cheers: I agree.
  18. mike63

    Auditor General Suggests RMC Not Working

    I too know many women that nothing has happened to them either, but I do know 3 that were victims, that wasn't my point.  You had posted that the military isn't the only place where this crap happens, I was merrily pointing out that my daughter, in the civie world, hadn't ran into that type of...
  19. mike63

    Auditor General Suggests RMC Not Working

    I agree with you but, I can't speak of those industries,  I was never part of the show-biz or police forces, I can only speak of what I have seen in my 27 year military career and the past 7 years as a public servant.  My daughter has been employed for the past 10 years at the same hotel chain...
  20. mike63

    Auditor General Suggests RMC Not Working

    I'm glad you had that kind of confidence in the organization wrt your daughter.  I discouraged by daughter from ever joining, although she pretty much had her mind all ready made up on not wanting to join.  It would have pained me to hear if she would have been sexually harassed or assaulted...