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  1. Gryphon

    SigOp Kit

    I don't know about the rest of the 71st comms group, but our unit is getting the course this weekend (finally!)
  2. Gryphon

    Military Discounts List

    Anyone know of discounts in the montreal area? Google's not hitting right now
  3. Gryphon

    Unit Websites

    712 Communications Squadron http://www.712comms.net/
  4. Gryphon

    You know the army is getting into your brain when...

    220. Your 9er Domestic visits this site with you
  5. Gryphon

    You know the army is getting into your brain when...

    another one for those reservists who are still in school 161. You want to shout at your classmates to just follow orders without questioning them at every turn
  6. Gryphon

    The CFS Alert Merged Thread

    how long is the tour? i'd love to try it!
  7. Gryphon

    Boot gash

    it's not the leather that's cut... it's just that all of the layers of shoe polish that's on has been scrapped off.. down to the leather itself thanks anyways
  8. Gryphon

    Boot gash

    I got a deep gash on the top of my DEU boots... how do i go about getting it to disappear? i've tried applying layer after layer onto the gash itself, but it doesn't seem to want to go away.. Help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Gryphon


    thanks alot cheif! much obliged!
  10. Gryphon


    Does anyone know where I can get vibrams done in the Montreal area? (and for not too expensive)? Much appreciated!
  11. Gryphon

    Dog Tags

    I recieved my first pair right after basic training. I recieved a second pair with my permanent ID card. dunno why
  12. Gryphon

    gortex boots

    ww those breaks really do suck... love the tacticalness tho  ::)
  13. Gryphon

    Reservists Job Protection Superthread

    You didn't put it on your CV? But I wholly agree that Canada needs some sort of Job Protection for us reservists... any one know what we could do?
  14. Gryphon

    Driver's Course Question

    as with conflicts, there are always different solutions.. one of my favorites is having my Unit write a letter to the CEGEP saying that it is essential for me to go on trg, and asking if i can postpone my exam :D... That's how I was able to write my English Exit in Kingston... depending on...
  15. Gryphon

    Has anyone had anything stolen?

    that you should anyways do... good habit to get into.. even if not for the thefts, but rather for the fact that everyone's kit looks exactly the same...
  16. Gryphon

    CADPAT Combat Gloves

    i guess i missed that one!!!
  17. Gryphon

    CADPAT Combat Gloves

    umm, then what ARE you supposed to use to handle POL???
  18. Gryphon

    Blue bush caps?

    Umm.. it might be just my laptop messing up on me, or tiredness getting to me, but I can swear that the soldiers on the main Army.ca page are wearing BLUE bush caps.. is this possible?
  19. Gryphon

    Theater & Continental Balistic Missile Defence . . . and Canada

    My question is: If a terrorist launches a nuclear missile, and the US counteracts it with BMD, then wouldn't the ICBM still detonate?
  20. Gryphon

    Theater & Continental Balistic Missile Defence . . . and Canada

    First of all, i would like to appologize for my worstening spelling and grammar.. i'm overseas learning a forgein language.. and usually by the end of the day, i'm just so wiped out, that my grammar and spelling goes out the window.. If this would be the case, then I don't see any sort of...