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  1. spenco

    PT workouts: What to wear

    If your going to St. Jean you all of our platoon will wear the same thing.  If your starting in January you will be in long pt (sweatsuit) and probably be wearing gloves and toque.  We were always told what to wear to pt by our staff.  When you are swimming you will wear the issued swimsuits. 
  2. spenco

    BMQ personal kit search

    I'm not sure about that one, I got my gerber when I got to wainwright and I havent even started my QL3 yet.  Actually pretty much everyone here  has a gerber issued to them.
  3. spenco

    BMQ August 2007 - ALL locations

    My serial is 0080
  4. spenco

    Where is the closest bank to the Garrison?

    It's also a lot easier to get 1 person to pay the bill because you get re-imbursed for it anyways, so if buddy pays for 30 and you pay for the rest it makes it a little more complicated. 
  5. spenco

    What not to do - No excuse BMQ tips [Merged]

    No, they can't touch you but they definately can and will swear.  It's the military for chrissakes not the girl guides...it would be pretty sad if they weren't allowed to swear.
  6. spenco

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Recruting Center: Vancouver Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: NCM Trade Choice 1: Infantry Trade Choice 2: Trade Choice 3: Application Date: Feb 07 First Contact: May 07 CFAT completed : 14 May Medical Completed: 23 May Interview completed: 31 May Position Offered:Infantry Sworn in: 8...
  7. spenco

    BMQ August 2007 - ALL locations

    I leave on the 25th I guess your on the course before me.
  8. spenco

    BMQ August 2007 - ALL locations

    Vancouver here. 
  9. spenco

    BMQ August 2007 - ALL locations

    I'm starting my BMQ on 27 August, flying out on the 25th.  Cant wait.
  10. spenco

    Dress on arrival to BMQ

    CF Lifer, if your going reg force with an interview 18 June your looking at September maybe even October start to your BMQ.  Look at the Basic Training section, the dates people are being sent for now are mid-august so by the time you have your interview and your medical clears and all that jazz...
  11. spenco

    Least appealing Aspects of Infantry

    how about the bs-o-meter?
  12. spenco

    What's in store? Reservist life between enrollment & BMQ in your Unit.

    Once you are sworn in you will have the rank of Private (Recruit) and you will keep that rank until you finish DP1.
  13. spenco

    St. Jean BMQ - Inspection photos

    Don't wear jeans.  When I went to St. Jean I was told by my CFRC to go in a suit and tie.  Bring a couple civvie pairs of pants and shirts because you wont get your kit until midway into your first week so youll be  in civvies for the first few days.  Don't bring your car to the base, even...
  14. spenco

    St. Jean BMQ - Inspection photos

    If you are going to bring something personal make sure it fits in the box or it will have to go into civvie lockup, and access to it is sporadic at best. For the first 4 weeks yes, you are in uniform 24/7.  After that you may be permitted to wear civvies after 6:30 and all day weekends. Like I...
  15. spenco

    St. Jean BMQ - Inspection photos

    I agree with KID, stick with a disposable one.  Thats what most of the guys on my platoon brought with them.  There is also the possibility of the digital camera growing legs.
  16. spenco

    St. Jean BMQ - Inspection photos

    You revive a week old topic just to flame me?  You need not reply if your comments are just "iengageinto ignorant rrepertoire".
  17. spenco

    St. Jean BMQ - Inspection photos

    He's in R700-you can tell by looking at the barrack box.  Why does it matter where he is or where you were? Everything is the same regardless of what floor you were on.
  18. spenco

    Basic Training Kit List

    On my platoon everybody got it taken off of the second paycheque.
  19. spenco


    I was in pretty much the same situation as you, if you dont report the injury to your RC and it becomes a problem once you get to the CFLRS and the doctors there figure out it wasnt caused by your military service and it was a pre-existing injury that wasnt reported to the medical staff, you can...
  20. spenco

    Is bmq now 14 weeks?

    No, basic is 11 weeks.   The only exception to that are two test platoons that are on a 13 week course that started a few weeks ago.