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  1. Rigger

    FWSAR (CC130H, Buffalo, C27J, V22): Status & Possibilities

    The Buff's airframe is rock solid. It needs new engines and better props. The avionics are in the process of being updated, but could use more than the "light" project being approved. The landing gear is unique on the Buff as it takes a hell of a pounding on STOL landings, but over all they...
  2. Rigger

    BFT+Air Force deployment policy...I don't get it !!!!

    Crusty... why I otta... I think the plane is broke no fly today  ;)
  3. Rigger

    All Things Flight Engineer (merged)

    At this point it is still only AVN techs being selected. The basic course is predicated on all candidates having a solid back ground in AVN. The course would have to completely redone for AVS techs. The only exceptions I have heard of, are old IE techs that went AVS. They still met the...
  4. Rigger

    Canada asks for Chinook design changes; military expert worry about delay

    The first A/C I worked on in the airforce was the Chinook. That was almost 19 years ago. It was a great A/C then and I bet a greater A/C now with the new versions. Back then it had an all up weight of 50 000 lbs, weighing in empty at 22 000Lbs. That left 28 000lbs of fuel and cargo (figures are...
  5. Rigger

    USAF C-17 Globemaster makes emergency landing in Halifax

    Yup Promoted posted and start course in Trenton mid feb. Its been a blast
  6. Rigger

    USAF C-17 Globemaster makes emergency landing in Halifax

    Zoomie Be carefull, Us FE's  are pretty on the ball when it comes to DG. Just don't expect the same departure time when we are wearing both hats. I've only been bitten once and that was on a SAR launch while dual tasked to carry an EOD team. It got worked out in the end and lets say it will not...
  7. Rigger

    Was there such an aircraft.

    Actually Zoomie the original seats in the Buffs were from the old Yukon (hence the name), in the early 90s (or so) the seats were no longer sustainable and Field Aviation in Calgary designed and built the ones we currently use. The original seats had an optional table between the two rows. The...
  8. Rigger

    Search on for Missing Pilot

    Hopefully the weather holds and we can put this one to bed. It's a great effort by all involved. The CP 140 would be great here with it's EROR gear, especially in the early stages  of the search with its FLIR capabilities. BZ to the other Buff crew who responded to the Invermere crash after a...
  9. Rigger

    Canada asks for Chinook design changes; military expert worry about delay

    This shouldn't be a big deal. It not like we are asking them to design and build a folding head or a new transmission. The core aircraft will be the same, we just want extra gadgets up front. Think of it as buying a new truck, we've decided on the type we are going to get, all we want to do is...
  10. Rigger

    All Things Flight Engineer (merged)

    On the Buff and Twin Otter there are no loadies. The FE does all those jobs, load planning, cargo loading and unloading, cargo securing, weight & balance, pax handling, dangerous cargo, meal preps etc... The point is that FEs do have the skill set to do those jobs, plus we bring A/C servicing...
  11. Rigger

    FWSAR (CC130H, Buffalo, C27J, V22): Status & Possibilities

    Herc + mountains  = bad. Until they find a plane that can do what the buff does, it will be here for a while.
  12. Rigger

    Student Mistakenly Ejects From Harvard II

    Apparently the pinky is stronger than anybody thinks... Glad to here he is OK. In the old days an accident like that would have written of the A/C. Replace the canopy and seat (and 2 pair of underware) and shes good to go. Way cheaper than a multi million dollar plane.
  13. Rigger

    electronic warefare moc

    The guys you are referring to are navigators, mostly specialised people left over from the T-Bird and Challenger EW days. I believed we called them EWOs. They were pretty specialized in there jobs, most have move on to regular Nav jobs or retired, but there are still a few who do the job.
  14. Rigger

    FWSAR (CC130H, Buffalo, C27J, V22): Status & Possibilities

    The Buff airframe still has lots of life in it, one of the benefits of not being pressurized. As for the engines the new ones are just upgraded versions of the ones we use. Infact they are already being used on other Buffalo fleets. They've just up graded problem areas on the current version...
  15. Rigger

    Will the C17s Make it to the Ramp?

    I wonder where Boeing is going to find there work force for the 2nd line maintenance. Does anybody know where you can get a group of experienced aircraft technicians in the Trenton area? I hope that the techs coming back from the States, don't jump ship and go to work for Boeing. 
  16. Rigger

    Will the C17s Make it to the Ramp?

    Looks like a nice aircraft, to bad there is no job for a FE on her (Maybe in the future...). Just wait for A4 Maint to get there fingers in the pie, with there P "0" series CFTOs. Maintenance is going to come to grinding halt/slow down with all the hoops that the techs have to jump through to...
  17. Rigger

    FWSAR (CC130H, Buffalo, C27J, V22): Status & Possibilities

    Good luck getting a SAR Tech into one of those, they like to have some sort of control over there destines. " This will be an FE's brief for the drop of 2 SAR tech pods to the discussed DZ....." Not a hope in hell. As for the air dropable UAV that has some merit, one of the items that is being...
  18. Rigger

    Falcons at Work at CFB's Preventing Bird Strikes

    Out on the west coast we have Bald Eagles, they don't move for anybody.... including the Buffalo. Every other bird gets out of the way, but not the eagles. I wonder how the hawks would fair at an airfield with Bald Eagles on it? 
  19. Rigger

    The CC-130-J Hercules Merged Thread

    There are newer engines for the Buffs out there. Arctic Sunwest out of Yellowknife is flying one (possibly two now) with upgraded engines. It is more than just the engines though. Lack of pressurization, hard to find major parts (IE landing gear) and a general lack of incremental improvements...
  20. Rigger

    Looking for SAR pilots

    David While not a pilot or a SAR tech on the Buff I am a FE on it. The last word we got  (last summer) was to keep mum on our opinions on what we thought was the best A/C to replace the Buff. From a personal point of view I would like an A/C that I can stand up right in and move heavy objects...