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  1. ArmyGuy99

    Plumb Lines for Dressing, Alignment

    The Mark 1 Eyeball and the traditional pace stick always seemed to work for any SM that I've had or parade I've watched.  I'm pretty sure there is an actual drill movement for doing this too.
  2. ArmyGuy99

    SISIP LTD 2002 - 2018

    There are many ways to hide income from SISIP and others tracking your income...Some legal...others uh not so much...The easiest way to ask if your income will be deducted is to just ask.  I know it's almost impossible for those of us on ELB/SISIP to get ahead but losing everything because you...
  3. ArmyGuy99

    LAV 6.0

    Med Corps: That is perhaps what is on paper...however in practice both on domestic OPS AND in Afg HSS deployed 1 Coy Medic and 3 Juniors to the Infantry also in Afg each OMLT/POMLT got one too.  Limiting the Inf Coy to two medics (a dismount and a mounted) and putting both those eggs into one...
  4. ArmyGuy99

    LAV 6.0

    Infantry, Infantry Infantry... Why is that everyone wants to talk about how many INFANTRY soldiers we can cram into a LAV or whatever.  What about the attachments to said Section/platoon?  IF we cram 6 Infantry Soldiers into the LAV and have to be Hatches down (that's a little cosy in full...
  5. ArmyGuy99

    Medical Technician ( Med Tech )

    Me on patrol, somewhere in Afghan.  No Security violations in posting this, it is on a poster somewhere.  Thank you Combat camera for coming on patrol with us, I really liked having my picture taken.  ::) FYI I was a medic for 6.5 yrs.
  6. ArmyGuy99

    VAC Client Card - 'A' client vs 'A&B' client

    Geese, Could that reply be anymore open ended? :facepalm: Anyone know a good witch doctor who could figure this out? :brickwall: I bet if you asked VAC for an official answer on what color was the sky you couldn't get one.  oi Teager, I wouldn't be surprised if I was fed bad intel on this...
  7. ArmyGuy99

    VAC Client Card - 'A' client vs 'A&B' client

    This is a very good post, and an excellent question. Like most things VAC related.  Only God MIGHT know the  true answer. 6/15 are A/B for me the rest are B I was told that if you had an SDA you got straight B's indicating that VAC would cover you for any remaining amount after your...
  8. ArmyGuy99

    Top Menu bar not working

    Good to go Mike http & https Thanks for the quick fix  :salute:
  9. ArmyGuy99

    Top Menu bar not working

    Umm, anyone else having issues with the top menu bar?  When I ever I click on <Forums> and then <Army.ca Forums>, it only reloads the main page instead of directing me to the army.ca/forums/index.php I've tried it using http and https.  Same result, using fully updated Chrome.  I didn't Try IE...
  10. ArmyGuy99

    Site Security

    FYI, Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but the top Forums menu isn't loading properly either in https or regular http. No images, and Forums and Admin appear as strings ( $Forums,  $Admin) The links still work.
  11. ArmyGuy99

    PTSD extends beyond military vets, mental health conference told

    medicineman, Well said, and you are completely correct of course.  You cannot lump the Sheep Dogs with the sheep (so to speak) and I should have mentioned that.  And I have to agree with Colin P as well, the role of our Religious institutions needs to be recognized as well and perhaps used more...
  12. ArmyGuy99

    PTSD extends beyond military vets, mental health conference told

    Well, after spending the day reading this threading and not having the 5 min needed to form a proper response here I am at 10 pm, and here it comes from the horses mouth.  Both from the perspective of someone who battles with PTSD and who worked within the Military Health system as a medic, and...
  13. ArmyGuy99

    VAC Claim help please. PTSD+Compartment Syndrome+Cubital tunnel syndrome=3b

    Kat, Short Version: The Ulnar Nerve is compressed in your elbow at the point we normally call the "Funny Bone".  Thereby causing the numbness in the forearm, hand and 4th and 5th digits And I thought my numb feet were annoying.
  14. ArmyGuy99

    Medical Release ( merged )

    How's this for answer from someone who had 6.5 yrs as a medic before being Medically released: First Off, the medical staff do not decide to release anybody, ever.  This is decided by an "impartial" board in Ottawa.  Secondly if there was a preexisting injury as long as it was FULLY disclosed...
  15. ArmyGuy99

    From Paramedic to Infantryman

    Badner, The Canadian Forces Health Services Junior NCM's are split into two elements regardless of component: Med Techs (PCP Qualified)  and Med Assistants (Not PCP Qualified) Trust me there is a big difference, Med A's are, in theory, supposed to replace Med Techs in the rear area so that...
  16. ArmyGuy99

    Enfield rifle drill question from old CAMT 2-2

    Try some of the older Army Cadet Corps that are affiliated with Infantry Batalions.  Army Cadets are still doing drill with the Enfield (I believe) and should have a copy of the drill manual.  I know mine did, way too many moons ago, the damn thing was a 6" thick binder if I reminder correct...
  17. ArmyGuy99

    Veterans Ombudsman: Vocational, educational funding, programming needs work

    That's what my case manager said last week when I spoke to her.  Although I don't get to access it till 2015 when my sisip payments go away.  But she said that''ll be perfect as they "should" have all the bugs and kinks worked out by then. hahahaha  We'll see. I'm definitely in this boat, I...
  18. ArmyGuy99

    Veteran Tells Harper Don't Bother Coming to Remembrance Day and Fire Fantino.

    Like I said on Facebook when I saw the article. $5b in more funding.  $4.55b goes to cover the bureaucratic overhead, and the thousands of veterans get to split the rest for payouts, and our other benefits. Typical of this government.
  19. ArmyGuy99

    West Nipissing Search and Rescue

    Our Official Web Page is now up and running Please head over to: sites.google.com/site/westnipissingsearchandrescue Unfortunately we do not have enough funds to purchase our own domain right now, so google it is. Thank you to all the public through out Canada for the support.  124 Likes on...