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  1. Ethan18

    How difficult is it to switch occupations while at RMC?

    There's a new policy that says you have to complete 12 months of service before you can apply for VOT just fyi.
  2. Ethan18

    Officer to NCM

    Has anyone done this lately? I'm looking to relinquish to NCM and want to get a general idea of what my NCM rank may be. I'm not OFP but I have 6 years in including time at RMC.
  3. Ethan18

    Transgender in the CF (merged)

    I'm leaving for BMOQ in July. I was wondering that if I'm enrolled as female but I usually wear masculine clothing and would rather wear masculine clothing, would I be able to wear the male DEUs? I know there's not much difference (really just the button closing tbh) but do I need to acquire...