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  1. Cabose

    Transferring to another unit (RESERVE)

    Hey friends, I'm currently in the application process and just received word my application was going through final processing.  I was wondering how easy it would be to switch units early on. I have an opportunity in a different city where they also have an infantry reserve unit.  Would I be...
  2. Cabose

    This guy is a quack!

    Journeyman I think the phrase "let me no what you think" is painswessex not the idiot guy.
  3. Cabose

    What are the doctors looking for?

    I got a letter a little while ago (from Ottawa) asking me to go see an ENT (ear nose and throat doctor) and get tests done.  However the letter doesn't tell me what I need in order to continue my recruitment.  I have seen an ENT and am going in for a hearing test on the 28th but I'm not sure if...
  4. Cabose

    Recruiting Posters, Slogans and Commercials [Merged]

    I think they ads where crap.  I felt depressed, unpatriotic,  It made me want to cancel my application.  The old ones where much better.  They made you  feel something they made you think holy shit that's awesome.  These ones didn't do that at all.  I think we need to go back, or look to our...
  5. Cabose

    Leopard 2 tank sounds

    Okay... So has anyone found some sounds.  I was given some video however it is not a crisp as some would like it.  Cabose
  6. Cabose

    Sniper Detection

    Or you could just plant scopes to your left and right so they concentrate on those wilst you have a pretty shot. 
  7. Cabose

    Wrist Watch Recommendations - Merged Thread

    What are you guys talking about TimeX Casio pfft sure there good watches but dont you want this http://www.backyardartillery.com/watch/ It tells the time Its analouge Its stylish and when all else fails you can shoot bbs at the enemy. However in all seriousness buy something that is strong. ...
  8. Cabose

    Check this Camo out

    This camo is to good.  Your going to be sitting there for  an hour waiting for the trucks to pick you up before you realize that they are leaving because they havent seen you either.  ;D
  9. Cabose

    Does Canada need a Military?

    Hey and Vietnam was just a giant orgy and one person forgot to get tested.
  10. Cabose

    Leopard 2 tank sounds

    Okay sweet thanks.  Ill tell them they need to wait a bit then.  Thanks again Bzzliteyr and you Allan. Cabose
  11. Cabose

    Leopard 2 tank sounds

    Well I havent really played Operation Flash point.  I had a bit of fun on the demo but never went out and bought it.  However Operation Flashpoint is desinged to be more of a simulation then Battlefield 2.  Battleield 2 is more like counterstrike meets call of duty kind of the actoin arcade...
  12. Cabose

    Leopard 2 tank sounds

    I dont have any sounds that is why I am asking around George.  Thankyou for looking Allan. Cabose 
  13. Cabose

    Leopard 2 tank sounds

    I apologies I didnt realise there was a diffrence. So to correct my self.  So does anyone know where to find sounds for a moving Leopard C2. Thankyou Cabose
  14. Cabose

    Leopard 2 tank sounds

    Okay then the idiot who made the army site made a mistake with the tank then. http://www.army.forces.gc.ca/lf/English/2_0_49.asp?uSubSection=49&uSection=1 Will do Quagmire thanks. Cabose
  15. Cabose

    Leopard 2 tank sounds

    I was wondering if anyone new where to find sounds of a leopard 2 tank moving.  I am working on a Canadian mod for Battlefield 2 and need the sound.  Thank you in advance. Cabose Mod website is http://canadianforces.aowc.net/main.asp?signnewsletter=1
  16. Cabose

    The 2006 Stanley Cup Playoff Thread

  17. Cabose

    Dog Tags?

    :brickwall: How did you make it this far in life. The military gives you dog tags the don't accept home made ones.  How did you even think this would be possible. Someone really needs to slap you. Cabose
  18. Cabose

    Resume, and Cover letter

    Okay thank you guys.  I'll take your advise. Cabose
  19. Cabose

    BMQ filled up for this summer?

    You waited my recruiter told me to call them if they hadn't called me in to weeks which I did and now I only need to finish my interview and book an date for the PT. Cabose
  20. Cabose

    Resume, and Cover letter

    I'm going in for my interview on Tuesday and the thought just occurred to me that I might need a resume/coverletter I don't think so (and I hope not) but I want to be sure. Thanks in advance. Cabose