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  1. Pistos

    Traffic Technician ( merged )

    There's Traffic Techs posted to every base and wing in the CF and as a new QL3 you may have the opportunity to select any of them for your first posting... depending on the current needs of the CF.  Normally, towards the end of your QL3 and before you talk to the career manager, you'll be...
  2. Pistos

    Traffic Technician ( merged )

    Hey Ryan, On your 3's and 5's there will be plenty of math but that is not to say that the math will be very advanced.  Basic math (add, subtract, multiply, divide) will get you by but basic algebra is also very useful (ie: a=b*c ...if you're given "a" and "b" can you solve for "c"?).  The...
  3. Pistos

    Metamaterials: a real invisibility cloak

    Not to be confused with technologies to cloak objects in the infra-red spectrum: http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/09/invisibility-cloak-tanks-cows/?utm_source=Contextly&utm_medium=RelatedLinks&utm_campaign=Previous ...or technology to cloak objects in the visible light spectrum, aka mirage...
  4. Pistos

    How bad has airline travel become in North America?

    I fear you're a bit misled if you believe that the 15 min NEXUS interview is the extent of the screening.  Before you're invited to the interview you must fill out an application almost akin to a security clearance upgrade (I've filled out both within the past 6 months). US Department of...
  5. Pistos

    AF Spouses

    My wife is on the "Married to the CF" forum, what I consider the sister site to army.ca  It's a kinder, gentler site where spouses can discuss issues, ask questions and share knowledge and experience with each other.  She found it a great resource before and during my training and still...
  6. Pistos

    Traffic Technician ( merged )

    A prerequisite for loadmaster is experience in Air Movements.  It's generally accepted that Trenton is the incubator for loadies but other smaller units can give you the necessary experience, such as Cold Lake.  You will need to be QL5 qualified which can take 1-4 years from the time you finish...
  7. Pistos

    Traffic Technician ( merged )

    One of the charms of smaller sections is that you get exposed to more aspects of the trade than in Trenton where it's fairly specialized.  Cold Lake is Canada's second busiest air base by a wide margin and we serve as MAMS, line crew, cargo buildup, DG specialists, PLC, and a bit of CMTT...
  8. Pistos

    Driver License Req

    While it is encouraged to have a civilian driver's license, it will in no way qualify you to operate military vehicles.  For that you will need to earn your military license (404's); as you achieve proficiency on different vehicles the qualifications will be added to your 404's.  I can't speak...
  9. Pistos

    No credit

    BS! You don't need to get a credit card and try to improve your score for the CF. They will check your credit but what the CF is looking for is whether you are likely to become an administrative burden.  Do you have a history of handling money badly? Are there multiple creditors just waiting to...
  10. Pistos

    More "Army" in Army Cadets (combat training, etc.)

    I agree with the idea of exposing them to more aspects of the CF than just infantry.  I went through cadets back in the day and never once gave a thought to reg force service...because I didn't want to be an infantryman.  We did drill, went out in the field, learned first aid, and even went out...
  11. Pistos

    Home Equity Assistance & "Military Families Pushed to Financial Ruin" (Merge)

    And now for something completely different... In April of last year I applied for 100% HEA.  We (my wife and I...mostly my wife) compiled a fairly thick tome in which we laid out a case arguing that our market should be classed as depressed.  After submitting it through the proper chain we...
  12. Pistos

    Top court creates libel defence for press

    On principle I agree, however my observation is that freedom of expression is generally reserved for liberals, leftist, and loonies.  Rarely are conservative ideas or traditional values welcomed under the umbrella of inclusion, especially when they run contrary to the agendas of the...
  13. Pistos

    Commonly Confused Word Test

    Fun little test  :) You scored 93% on Beginner, higher than 35% of your peers. You scored 100% on Intermediate, higher than 52% of your peers. You scored 93% on Advanced, higher than 40% of your peers. You scored 87% on Expert, higher than 67% of your peers.
  14. Pistos

    Top Court rules sniffer-dog searches are unlawful

    That statement scares me a bit.  You could easily replace "dog" with "metal detector" and then look for yet more creative instances where this precedent may be applied.  To take it to a silly extreme is it conceivable that a drug smuggler could argue there was a reasonable expectation of privacy...
  15. Pistos

    AESOp ( MOC 081)

    Thanks for the very informative post Eye the in Sky. I'll not worry about being locked out of a COTP and focus on enjoying and excelling at my chosen trade for the first 48 months or so of my military life.  I fear that the delay I'm facing in taking the first steps has given me too much time to...
  16. Pistos

    AESOp ( MOC 081)

    Thanks for the replies all!  I wish my affairs were in order now and I could get on with this but by September I plan to be merit listed for an NCM position; if by then AES Op is open to recruits then all the better.  I have at least a few months (and, more likely, quite some time) to determine...
  17. Pistos

    AESOp ( MOC 081)

    First, my apologies for digging up an old thread, but several posts here mentioned talks of AESOp being opened to recruits.  I'm curious if anything came (or might be coming soon) from these talks.  The gentleman at CFRC Halifax hadn't heard of MOC 081 (I wouldn't necessarily expect him to be...
  18. Pistos

    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    Hey all, Just thought I'd chime in my two bits regarding the math portion. Earlier this month I wrote the CFAT as a thirty-something out of high school for more years than I care to count.  I had about 6 weeks to prepare and found that I had lost just about all of my math skills.  I too will...
  19. Pistos

    Aviation Systems Technician ( AVN Tech )

    Thanks all for the responses!  cp140tech, I'm sure there'll be a few PM's incoming as questions come up - thank you for the offer. I'll keep picking away on math.com (tremendous site!) and playing Brain Age but I won't bother with the calculus tutor ;)  Between selling / dissolving my...
  20. Pistos

    Aviation Systems Technician ( AVN Tech )

    This seems like a good place to sneak in a couple of trade questions, since Sparkplug either doesn't check her email or, more likely, is ignoring me :P I'm planning on joining your club as soon as my affairs are in order. On January 7th I completed the CFAT and chatted with a recruiting...