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  1. armybuck041

    Wanted: Original C1 SMG Sling (64 Pattern era)

    Gents, Last item in my hunt is a C1 SMG Sling. This is the style with gated hook on one end and the standard buckle for a sling swivel on the other. Thanks! Scotty
  2. armybuck041

    WTT: My modified Jump Ruck for your original unmolested C2 Ruck

    Edit: I would also consider buying it outright if you're not interested in a trade.
  3. armybuck041

    WTT: My modified Jump Ruck for your original unmolested C2 Ruck

    Good Morning Gents, I am looking to trade my C2 Ruck modified into a Jump Ruck for an original unmolested C2 Ruck with the correct 64 pattern style straps and rubber bag. If you have one of the earlier rubberized valises, that would be a bonus i'd pay extra for. Reason is that I need a C2 Ruck...
  4. armybuck041

    4 CER Germany Guys, I need some help with a Jeep restoration.....

    Gents, bit of a necro-post but i'm on the hunt for some 4 CER slip-ons. Since finishing the Jeep i've been gathering up all of the period correct items like 64 Pattern Webbing, C2 Rucksack, Steel Helmet etc to display in it (I'm not into dress-up :) ). Just putting on the finishing touches and...
  5. armybuck041


    The worst part was, this was at 430pm during the afternoon grocery rush. He seemed amused by my concerns. We'll see if that amusement changes sometime shortly.
  6. armybuck041


    Whatever you do, please don't be like the jackass from the CH of O that I ran into in the Lawblaws grocery store on Isabel in Ottawa this afternoon wearing his kilt, boots, sporn and a long underwear shirt. Apparently ditching his tunic and cap to walk around in public was "not being in uniform"...
  7. armybuck041

    Jian Ghomeshi alleges firing due to Fifty Shades of CBC

    As an avid CBC Radio 2 listener, I completely agree with you. Like it or not, it's going to be a sad day when all I can get on the dial are Astral Media owned stations shoving commercials down my throat.
  8. armybuck041

    Bangalore torpedo

    That must have been a serious beast :)
  9. armybuck041

    2015 CFRP Competition Question

    It doesn't hurt to submit a memo to your CO requesting consideration for the program. This is exactly what I and many others have successfully done. Edit: Looking back through my files, the memo was titled: Request for consideration for CFR Program
  10. armybuck041

    Bangalore torpedo

    My only beef with the Picket Bangalore is the inability to join them into longer lengths as possible with the manufactured version.
  11. armybuck041

    Kit List Summer - 2PPCLI 1982

    Excellent post! I'm trying to accumulate all the items of pers kit from the era for my M151A2. Although I have all of the big items like the ruck and P64 webbing, it's all the little details I was still looking for. thanks.
  12. armybuck041

    Iraq in Crisis- Merged Superthread

    No comment on the premature pullout, but enough time has passed that I think it's fair to say that the Bush Administration's handling of the war in the first few months set the country on the path to where it is now. You can't destroy a country's government and key infrastructure with no plan...
  13. armybuck041

    Military Decals

    The Kit Shop guy with the Elgins (now 31 CER) had made up a bunch a while back. He also did the long yellow and black version which was in my 151A2.
  14. armybuck041

    Life after serving as a Combat Engineer

    As someone pointed out to me the other day: "When you mentioned Chilliwack, you just dated yourself"
  15. armybuck041

    Life after serving as a Combat Engineer

    Yep... Soon gonna be time for both of us to catch a ride up to the reality called civvy street :)
  16. armybuck041

    One IC on member's PERS are there serious career implications? can it be removed

    As alluded to above, an IC is never "done and over with", therefor making that memo a bit misleading. An IC is a career long "period of observation" for the behavior being addressed. A "period of observation" which accompanies an RW or C&P is an entirely different animal and the memo to lift it...
  17. armybuck041

    Wanted: P64 Webbing and Dewat/Deactivated FN

    All items (save for the dewat FN or SMG) have been found. Thanks