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  1. cphansen

    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    Actually thatès exactly what Canada said at the beginning of WW II. They called up the Militia, and transferred many units to the CASF and trained them to be infantry only to decide the units weren t needed as Infantry, so they were retrained as Armour or Artillary or even Headquarter units. ...
  2. cphansen

    Name This Ship!

    Didn't the Bismark go down in the Atlantic, while her sister ship the Tirpitz was sunk in a Norwegian fjord by the RAF and midget subs. I think the picture may be of the Bismark
  3. cphansen

    Recovery from hip surgery - improvising a bungalow

    Based on my own experience, the first suggestion I would make is get two walkers, one for downstairs and one for upstairs. Hualing the walker from downstairs to upstairs can be a real PITA. To get up and downstairs, get one of those chairs which climb the stairs.  for the kitchen get a stool, a...
  4. cphansen

    Canada's New Defence Minister

    NO definitely not the Minister.  His role is to keep the department straight.  He should definitely not have to deal with an individual who attacked him.  His subordinates should take care of discipline issues, which this definitely is.  Can you imagine the publicity attendant upon the...
  5. cphansen

    Ontario seeks bids from grocers wanting to sell beer

    If I remember correctly, Quebec used to accept empties in every beer selling store and there was a lot of stores. The thing we need to remember, is we are only talking about 450 stores and not every store needs daily deliveries. If we schedule deliveries six days a week, we only need 75 trucks...
  6. cphansen

    Ontario seeks bids from grocers wanting to sell beer

    Wouldn't make more sense to have the delivery truck go out with an empty spot for empties and have each truck accept empties from the stores when deliveries of new stock. I know it would take more time per delivery but we are only looking at 450 stores overall.  Not every store needs deliveries...
  7. cphansen

    FREE Model Airplane collection WWII-Present

    I definitely agree with you that the collection should not be broken enough and a logical destination for it would be the RCAF museum in Trenton, just a hop, skip and jump from Kingston.  The RCAF museum may have qualms about accepting some of the non RCAF flown models but they could be used to...
  8. cphansen

    FREE Model Airplane collection WWII-Present

    WOW these are just beautiful. They should be in some sort of public setting, perhaps in Trenton, They could be used to tell so many stories.  I am very fond of the amphibians and noticed many examples from the Catalina and Albatross to the Beaver on floats etc. I am not sure the collection...
  9. cphansen

    Why Did Canada Change Our Salute

    I have been thinking of the salute and would like to suggest that we use the pre unification salute when paying complements to our pre unification veterans. After all, it's the salute they were trained to use and using it would be a powerful symbol of respect and show we do take them seriously...
  10. cphansen

    "Rad" Sydney Valpy Radley-Walters CMM, DSO, MC, CD - 11 Jan 1920 to 21 Apr 2015

    We have lost a great soldier, leader, an example of what a good officer should be.
  11. cphansen

    Domestic Terrorism/Public Attacks on CAF Personnel

    Well frankly what I am suggesting is we allow the members to wear their best to honour the memory of two very good men.  I think if a good portion of the CAF wear their dress uniforms going back and forth to work, it would send a very different message and if the CDS amended his suggestion to...
  12. cphansen

    Domestic Terrorism/Public Attacks on CAF Personnel

    :cdn: It does not sit well with me either. We have had two proud examples of the best in our society murdered in an attempt to strike fear into us. We had one regular force member, a firefighter who had to give up firefighting because of a heart condition. So what happens? He is run down...
  13. cphansen

    Search for New Canadian Ranger Rifle (merged)

    I've been going thru this thread and am absolutely amazed that no one has stated the obvious answer' What the Canadian Rangers need in a new rifle is the same thing they need in an old rifle. They need bullets, without bullets the rifle is just an ineffective club, they might as well just...
  14. cphansen

    The Khadr Thread

    No way, that would be a slap in the face for rhea cure t  population of Iqaluit
  15. cphansen

    favorite marching cadences!

    Well how about this song, its not a marching cadence but used to be very popular with The RCAC The amourous hippopotamus, Whose love song we all know, Is now married and the father of ten, And he murmurs God rot them as he watches them grow, and longs to be single again. No more will he gambol...
  16. cphansen

    Russia's Mistral class LHDs: updates

    Definitely one of the less known feats of the Canadian armed forces. I am fascinated by the adventure of the CAF but also awestruck by the feats of the Czech Legion.
  17. cphansen

    Must haves for tour of duty (new to forces)

    Well let me tempt you, judging by your username, roughneckrico, seems to be a play on Rico's Roughnecks from Starship Troopers. Bring a copy of Starship Troopers.  You can use it for a multitude of things from starting a reading group to helping start a fire, or emergency toliet paper. My point...
  18. cphansen

    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    When you're talking about Winged boats, are you talking about hydrofoils or GEV / WIG vessels like the proposed Boeing Pelician or thr Russian Kaspian Monster?
  19. cphansen

    Looking for a non-fiction novel for English Seminar/Essay

    Thanks for posting the actual requirements, it makes it a lot easier to understand the actual project. If I may make a suggestion, perhaps you might consider two books. I would suggest Bugles and a Tiger and On The Road Past Mandalay by John Masters. Bugles and a Tiger tells the story of his...