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  1. BrewsKampbell


    I can't answer all your questions but I have experience with re-enrollment. I left in 2012 as a MCpl and re-enrolled in 2017 in a different trade. It took me 10 months to get back in from the time I sent an application to the recruiting centre in Edmonton until I was sworn back in. I received a...
  2. BrewsKampbell

    I have a question regarding the cook trade

    I was a cook from 2005-2009, Reg Force. I'll start this with I have a lot respect for the people in the trade and worked with some great people during those years. With that said, it was some of the least enjoyable years of my life. I wont beat around the bush, I hated my time in the trade. I...
  3. BrewsKampbell

    French vs English

    While yes all trades are available to all recruits they are not all taught in both official languages. As an example, Ammo Technician trades training is only offered in English so French speaking personnel are required to get their BBB English language profile in order to be course loaded.
  4. BrewsKampbell

    lease takeover

    I don't know about lease take overs. When I joined the CAF made arrangements to have a moving company come and collect my F&E before I left for Basic. It was placed in their storage facility until after my trades training and then shipped to me at my intial posting.
  5. BrewsKampbell

    Materials Technician (Welders) Questions

    I'm not a Mat Tech but I had considered going that route as I am a Journeyman/Red Seal welder. My response is based on information given by the recruiting office when I was getting back in last year, so if its incorrect an actual Mat Tech can chime in. When speaking with the recruiting centre I...
  6. BrewsKampbell

    The Blood Pressure Superthread

    http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/about-policies-standards-medical-occupations/officer-ncm-minimum-medical-standards.page Lots of trades that are a minimum G3 for entry, also ref footnote 2.
  7. BrewsKampbell

    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    Once a week, maybe twice I'll clean it up.
  8. BrewsKampbell

    Verification of Former Service (VFS) [Merged]

    Yes. Took me 10 months to get back in. I was told part of the delay is caused by needing to pull my file from archives and Ottawa needing to review it to determine my rank and IPC. The longest wait for me was after writing the TSD to get a medical and interview, which was 7 months.
  9. BrewsKampbell

    Contingency Cost Move ( CCM )

    My father served for 24 years, he made sacrifices in his career by choosing to raise me as a single father while in the Infantry back in the 80's and he regrets none of it. Family first. If it's something that's important then put in the request and see what comes of it. Good luck.
  10. BrewsKampbell

    All things beardy-2005 to 2018 (merged)

    Guys showed up today unshaven, were sent home to shave until their memo is approved. Unit experiences may differ.
  11. BrewsKampbell

    All things beardy-2005 to 2018 (merged)

    What came down was to submit a memo stating your intention to grow a beard. So does that mean once the memo is submitted you're good to stop shaving? That's the question.
  12. BrewsKampbell

    Voluntary Release Questions

    6 months in most cases. If you have a good reason you can request it sooner and it may be accommodated, for example, when I left in 2009 I went to the reserves in a different trade and was released from the Reg Force in 5 months at my request to begin training. I have also seen earlier releases...
  13. BrewsKampbell

    AEO Positions

    Aerospace Engineering Officer https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/services/caf-jobs/career-options/fields-work/engineers/aerospace-engineering-officer.html
  14. BrewsKampbell

    Sale of house - re enrollment

    Your move will be covered once your 3's qualified and you'll get the benefits of a cost move. If you sell your house before that you may be able to claim the benefits later but if your F&E are at a different location than the one you stated on enrollment the military may not cover the cost of...
  15. BrewsKampbell

    Helmets 2 Hardhats [Merged]

    The CAF does recognize Journeyman/Red Seals. I'm a Journeyman Welder with Red Seal and when I applied to get back in I had Mat Tech as my 3rd choice, they cover welding and because of my credentials I would have had a portion of my QL3 course written off, according to recruiting.
  16. BrewsKampbell

    Canadian Special Operations Force Command (CANSOFCOM)

    Any trade can become an Operator. It's definitely possible, and has been done, for non combat arms personnel to pass selection and OT into the Operator trade. They will teach you everything required to do your job when you go on your Special Forces Operators Course. There are also non-operator...
  17. BrewsKampbell

    Any Ammunition Technician's?

    Current AT. Sheep Dog will have a lot more experience than I will, I've been in the trade around a year and a half. Great trade, the second link is still accurate as far as the RQ-PTE (QL3) course goes. Not my first trade in the Army and by far the most studying I've ever put into a course. The...
  18. BrewsKampbell

    Reserve Training Schedule

    You're not required to work during the summer. Typically this is when you would complete BMQ and trades training, some units do run their own in house BMQ's on weekends during the year but less so for trades courses. I have seen combat arms units get permission to run their own in house DP1 on...
  19. BrewsKampbell

    New IRP / Move policy-effective Dec 01, 2017 [Merged]

    So coming up on the end of my QL3 (remuster) and I'm trying to get some info but without a posting message I can't really do much with BGRS. After reading the policy I'm trying to figure out what I can get from the HEA, I know it was increased to 30k this year, which is nice since I'm looking to...
  20. BrewsKampbell

    Voluntary Occupational Transfer ( VOT )

    As far as I know you don't need it to be approved before completing DP1. We had a guy put his request in while on his QL3 and right after completing the course he accepted his offer and is now heading out to complete DP1. Now the staff in this trade are very helpful if you feel you don't want...