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  1. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    Reflex Training?

    How about Paddleball ?  ...on hardcore. 
  2. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    Advice for women on BMQ and other courses [MERGED]

    Congrats mate! So I guess patience and tenacity pay then.
  3. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    The Manly Thread

    Some manly men can piss their name in the snow. This morning, I pissed my name in asphalt.
  4. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    How NOT to make your first post, a clarification.

    Great post, had a good laugh on this one.  As a young Canadian, I am embarassed for my peers' poor communication skills and inability to express themselves clearly.  So many replies in these forums are just asking for clarification. Interesting counterpoint though, about currency of information...
  5. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    RMC - Master of Arts in War Studies

    Hello ! Hopefully I can revive this thread a bit.  I am applying to the MA War Studies programme at RMCC for Fall 2011 (thesis option).  However, I am a bit concerned, as I am in the recruitment process for a reserve position in Toronto (at this point, just awaiting the call - and have been told...
  6. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    Thinking About Buying...

    I spend alot of time with a 1954 SKS carbine (original bore for 7.62 x 39 Soviet round; and yes, with the original bayonet); it's fun for the range, but pretty heavy and the recoil is not well mitigated by the stock.  The biggest con is that the barrel heats up very quickly and cools very...
  7. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    8 killed in a gym in Afghanistan??

    How could he have gotten in?  Maybe more details will get out over the next few days.  My condolences to the deceased and hope for the wounded.
  8. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    Sgt.'s Miok & Taylor, Cpl. McCormack, Pte. Chidley and Michelle Lang-Dec 30/09

    It gets harder to hold them back each time... Rest in Peace.
  9. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    Porter Airlines?

    Porter is great for those regional-type flights, although they also have a new route to Boston and are considering expanding in the East end of operations too.  Free drinks are always a bonus, plus better baggage allowances and everybody is quite friendly.  One of the best bits is that you can...
  10. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    Must See Documentary

    Thanks for sharing, Ian.  I saw a few episodes on the telly, but want the entire doc.  Excellent footage and production!
  11. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    Training your (hard)Core

    Most trainers will recommend beginning any training programme with core strengthening.  This is key to good posture and form in exercises that train the more commonly targeted major muscle groups.  It is becoming apparent as I get more familiar with these forums that many new recruits are most...
  12. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    Training Regimen with Odd Hours?

    Agreed; run when you can- vampire or not.  I find the buzz keeps me awake, so I tend to run first thing upon waking up, or during the 'mid-day slump' instead of a trip to timmies. (is it just me, or are vampires back in style)?
  13. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    Running Question

    I have heard that you cannot run too frequently (within your personal, reasonable limits), unlike with resistance training.  I like the idea of mixing it up with hills, and different surface types (try running in mud, through the bush, through shallow water, etc.).
  14. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    The Grip Strength Superthread- Read Here First

    Gotta agree with marlborough: ... but don't forget the unparalleled core workout that comes with all sorts of rock climbing!  For hand grip; I cut up a couple sections of 2x2 and nailed them to the joists in my basement ceiling from which to do forearm chinups.  The beauty of this is that...
  15. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    The Army and Rugby

    Pleased to hear they have rugby going on; even better Sevens (where a person of my sleek stature can get off the wing)!
  16. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    Shuttle Run Calculations

    They look pretty close to the 'beep test' many of us are familiar with. With regards to minimum standards and training, in the 'Reg force physical fitness guide' (created June 4, 2009) recommended timings for the 2400 metre run are given as follows: Men under 30 years of age: 11:56-10:13...
  17. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Recruting Centre: Toronto Regular/Reserve: Res Officer/NCM: NCM Trade Choice 1: INT OP Application Date: 11/2009 First Contact: 10/2009 Med, aptitude completed : med pending, CFAT completed 02/2007 PT Test completed: pending Interview completed: pending Position Offered: pending Basic Training...
  18. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    Receieved the Call

    Congratulations!  All the best to you
  19. CDN_LoneWolf_CDN

    My Experience

    I am in a similar situation at the moment, but am certain that patience is the key here.  No doubt they will not hold for you 'the position', and the general idea I continuously encounter in this subject is: wait patiently (with the occasional callback).