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  1. BearPusher

    Sig Op course at CFSCE - Live off base?

    Your best bet would be to talk to your course staff about it asap. Not sure if you're going atis or acciss. As the new acciss ql3 is much shorter than the sig op ql3's or poet and tech ql3's and it might not qualify to get your family moved, unless you end up being posted there.
  2. BearPusher

    All things Joint Sigs Regt/JSR (merged)

    Thought I heard that in one of the many briefs we got, I guess I was quite wrong on that one.
  3. BearPusher

    LCS Suite

    If you don't already know about it, that means I can't tell you about it.
  4. BearPusher

    Level of Clearance

    Essentially if you get in sooner than later you'll be waiting as a level 2 clearance takes a couple years at the moment to get processed. I don't even want to know hat a level 3 takes.
  5. BearPusher

    Some Questions About BMQ

    The picture frame is there so you can find a picture of your course Warrant officer's hot daughter and spread it around the entire course  ;D Oh god. I'm still seeing shit from that one!
  6. BearPusher

    Security Clearance Included In Application?

    Well depending on where you are in the system that could be either. Have they given you an offer of enrollment yet? If not then the CF is NOT your current employer. Try not to leave any gaps, as you are just going to refill the info later anyway at basic.
  7. BearPusher

    old man joining up

    Mwhahahaha that'll be the day if it works like that! Once you join/ finish bmq be prepared to wait several weeks/months for your next course and the same after that.
  8. BearPusher

    what happens if you don't have your drivers licence?

    Or just get it transfered to whatever province you'll happen to be in after wards.
  9. BearPusher

    Attending School

    Even though your courses have nothing to do with what you are applying for, you can delay joining until you finish your semester until you accept an offer. Just to let you know as a sys admin that has absolutely nothing to do with the atis or lciss trades. It's more along the lines of the IST...
  10. BearPusher

    Accept Sig Op Position, Or Wait For Comm Rsch?

    The problem with comms research is that you will be waiting several years until you can get your security clearance to go on course. I know some guys who have been in 3 years and are still waiting to get qualified. Sure they'll find work for you in the mean time, just don't expect it to be...
  11. BearPusher

    I need a career but don't know what I want to do.

    Look up the different branches here on the forums. The main recruiting website is out of date, so trades that are "in demand" might be full as they aren't updated as frequent as they should. As for what to pick there are plenty of options available with just grade 12, or less. Search around the...
  12. BearPusher

    New Applicant

    If you want to be an infantier, don't look at other trades. Sure a veh tech "might" be a soldier first and will do their sq before their trades training their will be a mechanic first and foremost, except if they work most vehicle recovery. Just like I'm a sig op, yet a soldier first. I won't...
  13. BearPusher

    Applying to Not In Demand Positions

    Don't think much about the aptitude test, as "dumb" people can still do well on it, or at least get past it. as other have said if your trade(s) are not in demand you might be waiting a while for it, but don't get discouraged plenty of people drop out way before bmq.
  14. BearPusher

    All things Joint Sigs Regt/JSR (merged)

    A troop is going to be tac rad. B troop will be Tlan IST positions and EDS kits with accis op's as there aren't enough ist guys to go around. 3 Sqn is supposed to be garison support, although I'm not sure what they do. 1Sqn D troop handles help desk, it supply, and it support which is where I'm...
  15. BearPusher

    CFSCE Sig Op Student Handouts

    When I was there I was told you could only get them there as the staff mentioned they had former students come back just to get them.
  16. BearPusher

    Hell and back.

    If only there were more people with that sort of attitude. Well it seems that you've got your work cut out for you dealing with the RMO, but seeing how dedicated you have shown yourself to be in turning your life around they won't know what hit them. Good luck  :salute:
  17. BearPusher

    Monthly Pay after deductions - Questions [Merged]

    Well this is what I was handed today at my swearing in ceremony Pay rate single $2624 Deductions Sup. Death benefits $635 EI $36.21 CPF Pension + CPP $253.46 SISIP-LTD $.43 Income tax (Fed+Prov) $381.61 PPIP $12.70 Sales tax $0.57 Singles quarters $92 Rations $493.82 Total Deductions: $1281.15...
  18. BearPusher

    Word association (just for fun)

  19. BearPusher

    Sound off: What are you doing right now? Aside from the obvious being on here..

    Getting ready for my swearing in ceremony tomorrow as well as packing for BMQ this Saturday  :warstory: :salute: So close argh!!!
  20. BearPusher

    CFAT cancelled Jan 13, 2010

    I could see them stopping processing on closed trades until April, but this doesn't make any sense if trades are still open. Well it's more like it doesn't make sense to me, which doesn't mean much. I hope this gets sorted out for all of you still in the application process.