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  1. goodform

    Things not to say in the CF...

    "No YOU are wrong Sgts Major!" Self righteous subby to angered CSM...
  2. goodform

    this will make your blood boil

    Jeez, here on the West Coast we have our own home grown militants... http://apc.resist.ca/ Makes one pine for East central SK, where life is simple and ethnic difference means Pilsner or LL, eh Wes?
  3. goodform

    The Politics of Yellow Ribbons - MERGED

    What?! Executive decision on 'higher priority' items, BV? Now where's fun is that? *slowly backs out of room* All in jest. Valid points either side, even if some are not directly on topic IMO.
  4. goodform

    1 week into Pres BMQ

    That's a lot of weight loss, that takes motivation. Hope I do as well, just got word I was loaded for the july course, not overly prepared. Bash on Mind. edit for typo
  5. goodform


    MedTech, Regarding training w/ sword, what about the mounted troop the Strathcona's have? I saw the tail end of their performance here in Vancouver at the PNE and, I was impressed. While this is a leaky arguement it goes to show we still have some real live trained-for-more-than-ceremonial sword...
  6. goodform


    Al_729, An officer may have their own sword but, it must be of a pattern approved for their particular branch or group. There are half a dozen (off the top of my head) patterns of sword in the CF. If you look at some of the links preceding this post, you can see what fits where. rwgill, I...
  7. goodform

    Christmas in flak jackets -by Rick Mercer

    +1 Infantry_wannabe. Mercer has always openly supported the forces. I remember when he used his air time to show the troops in Bosnia and again to play around RMC. Hillier is a hard charger and very common sense. Up the Ricks!
  8. goodform

    Firefighters' fitness test ruled discriminatory

    I actually see this as a fluid battle and not a set piece massacre of standards. davidhmd may have been hitting us with some sarcasm but, I think that idea could work. As the CF now does fitness testing at training centres, firefighters can use something similiar. If you don't make the standard...
  9. goodform

    For The Ladies - Demystifying Men

    Well put paracowboy. I think your iron triangle is an expanded version of the one simple thing men want. To avoid frustration. Food, naps and boobs can be taken in any quantity for any situation either before, during or after it occurs. I can see it now, "The Man Clinic: Steakhouse and...
  10. goodform

    A VC Cluster

    Thanks for the link Librarian. I think the military section is the largest there. Canada has a lot to be proud of militarily. As an aside, I just watched all of them. I think I have Canada sensory overload.
  11. goodform

    Victoria Army.ca Meet - 1 Dec 06

    navymich, seen. The Tudor is one of the few places I've been to in the Greater Victoria area. If I make it I'm willing to do the work wherever it's at!
  12. goodform

    Victoria Army.ca Meet - 1 Dec 06

    Hmm, I'm considering making the trip to chicktoria. I'm gonna say that pub on admiral (close to the base) should also be a good starting point (ahh, fabulous esquimalt). And if anyone needs cheap accomodations, the fabulous Hotel Douglas in the downtown area has cheap rooms, $50 or less the last...
  13. goodform

    Where do you call home?

    Oh the drastic changes! PJ's is no more for several years now, rebranded and rebuilt but you can still get chips. Watson is now a one elevator town too. You'll have to have a boo on your way past. The town also erected a 20' Santa to rival that bloody goose ;D
  14. goodform

    Where do you call home?

    Saskatchewan, but living and PRes-ing in Vancouver. Wes, I think I remember you being from Quill. This is of course because I'm from Watson (the great big centre it is). I miss the open skies but I've grown to love the rainy type winter in Vancity as well.
  15. goodform

    Not what I expected after class...Don't Call Me SIR!

    OCdts are addressed as "Mr." are they not? Either way, let the beasting begin :P
  16. goodform

    Your Favorite Military Video Game

    Favourites eh? Well, there is a laundry list. I started out in '98 is good ol' C&C. I then found Panzer General II and played it, but never passed the final mission (must be too moist in the southern US). After that I went through the Campaign Series on both fronts. I've handled Steel Beasts and...
  17. goodform

    Challenger II vs Range Rover

    Outstanding! I'll be searching youtube soon.
  18. goodform

    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    original Challenger 2 during trials?
  19. goodform

    Grognards amongst us?

    I don't think that the hand eye coordination of grognards matches that of the Starcraft player :P The speed at which some grognards go is much slower than the historical battles they recreate!
  20. goodform


    Brigadier General Sharpe? Used to be director of reserves and army cadets. If you want to start a sea cadet corps, more power to you. The only problem I see is the fact that there is another corps right there in a small town. I grew up in rural SK and was a cadet in a rural corps. Numbers on...