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  1. PJGary

    Canada's First Nations - CF help, protests, solutions, etc. (merged)

    I'm on a hunger strike! buuuut...I'm kinda eating.... SEE ME HARPER I'M HUNGRY. Complete BS. And the comment she made to CBC about how (either one of two things cause she's not the most articulate flower in the garden). #1: If she was the leader of another country and asked to see the PM he...
  2. PJGary

    Op PRESENCE/Mali (Cdn mission/s, sitreps, etc. - merged)

    That was my gripe too. "Maaaan, peace keeping and the UN maaaan, we need to help less fortunate people maaan" "The UN is requesting us to do this and help these people who asked us to help them" "...No blood for oil maaaan, why are we going there to help other people when we live in like, a...
  3. PJGary

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    Was it a 4 of spades that had written on it in sharpie: "CAPTAIN JUSTIN GRAFF: PEACEKEEPER!"
  4. PJGary

    can COAT, COMBAT, ICE shrink in wash/dryer

    LMFAO  :rofl: On a side note, beer and talking about uniform altering seldom goes well. "MAN, I'M SOOOO gonna chop my boonie hat...*hick* I...I don't even CArrrrrrr..."
  5. PJGary


    Someone who has the mental nutsack to take themselves from 450lbs to 190lbs has my respect, thats not easy. And obviously you're not a quitter, we could use more people like that man. Best of luck!
  6. PJGary

    Petition to mint a coin for the PPCLI 100th

    They already 'minted' a bad ass cowboy belt buckle. So much better than a coin haha.
  7. PJGary

    Getting into RMC

    Do you even have to give them your university grades? I wasn't aware that was a requirement.
  8. PJGary

    Jeffrey Deslisle-former RCN, convicted of spying

    :+1: You would think a country with a fairly extensive crop of experience in international espionage would think before setting up an almost comically elaborate meeting and giving him a ton of cash and then sending him right back through customs. I wonder if he even wrote the cash down on his...
  9. PJGary

    T-shirt offends Military, says ex-soldier in Edmonton

    :rofl: My thoughts exactly
  10. PJGary

    Step Test

    Can you walk up stairs? Do you like listening to absolutely ridiculous music? Can you do both at the same time? Congrats, you probably passed the step test.
  11. PJGary

    Jeffrey Deslisle-former RCN, convicted of spying

    I'm sure this has already been said but HOLY CRAP did I find it funny how bad the Russians took this idiot for a ride. I just pictured a bunch of people watching him in the security camera in his super secret hoody ballcap and sunglasses walking into the embassy, flashing his CF ID. All of them...
  12. PJGary

    CF Army Combat Top is too long..

    :nod: I think everyone has seen someone walking around and looked at them and just went...  ??? Do you not realize your clothes do not even come in the ballpark of fitting you and you look like a soup sandwitch? Like really skinny guys who look like they're wearing MC Hammer pants... JUST GET...
  13. PJGary

    PJ Tactical

    Of course you show right after I just bought a new snugpak to replace my old one. ;)
  14. PJGary

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    You did not state it wrong. Sir Captain Canada Airborne Jumper of Cheeseburgers, OC, SMV, MMV, MMM, CD7, ESQ. definitely says they are "as good or better" than real soldiers.  ::) EDITED: For punctuation.
  15. PJGary

    use of cadet ranks

    Am I the only person who finds it hilarious they had to clarify that?  :facepalm:
  16. PJGary

    Minimalist PT Shoes (Vibram FF, Merrell Gloves, etc) for BMOQ

    Almost everyone I know who uses them (including me) has the KSO's. They are extremely comfortable. I will admit though I don't use them for long distance running, just crossfit and in the gym sort of PT.
  17. PJGary

    Caffeine pills - they're bad mmmkay

    Alcohol is on the list too is it not? I'm going to go waaaay out on a limb and say... some... of the people who are looking at joining may have used alcohol before. And even if you couldn't continue the process until you were "off" of the caffeine "effect" wouldn't that delay your process by...
  18. PJGary

    Can a retired Reserve Officer swear you in?

    *You're :trainwreck:
  19. PJGary

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    Shhh, careful, they might find us... like their website says "something something something DARKNESS something something YOU WILL BE HUNTED something"
  20. PJGary

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    Hahaha, oh no, the video got posted here too... 6CBG: "We have the muzzle discipline of a glow stick at a rave"... anybody want to translate that into Latin for them?