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  1. Kal

    Defence Spending and Afghanistan

    Interesting. This theme seems much more logical, also. Thanks to DBA, too.
  2. Kal

    Defence Spending and Afghanistan

    Anything..  Anyone...?
  3. Kal

    Defence Spending and Afghanistan

    I didn't know where else to post this, I believe this is the most appropriate spot.  If not, Mods feel free to move it. I'm writing a paper for school (poli sci) about the increase in defence spending and equipment procurement programs and their affect on the mission in Afghanistan.  I would...
  4. Kal

    Well now for the board unvieling of Kev's Iraq work gun (1911 .45ACP)

    Silly me, I forgot who I was talking to....  ;D
  5. Kal

    Well now for the board unvieling of Kev's Iraq work gun (1911 .45ACP)

    I-6 Why did you give up the Glock...?
  6. Kal

    Private Investigators and Security Guards Act

    The second paragraph on the first page of the second link contained the answer I was looking for.  "...not anticipated to come into force until 2007."  This is referring to the 2006 update to the PSISA. Thanks JSR OP
  7. Kal

    Private Investigators and Security Guards Act

    I'm referring to the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act that was mentioned in the 'CS and batons for private security?' thread.  This act made specific security training and licensing mandatory for all security personnel, as I understand.  I'm not that familiar with the specifics of...
  8. Kal

    Private Investigators and Security Guards Act

    Does anyone have any news as to when the 'new' amendment will come into effect?  The threads mentioning this act were all at least six months old.
  9. Kal

    Inside the Toronto Police Emergency Task Force (CTV news)

    "I didn't kill him...  The bullets and the fall killed him." 'So what happened?' "I stopped the threat..." 'You double tapped him in the brain stem!' "He must've had a pre-existing medical condition..  Either that or his Dr. sucked..." I'm just busting balls..   ;D
  10. Kal


    With that said, what is filling that role now, if anything?  In 5.56mm that is.
  11. Kal


    How many girlfriends have you had...?  Calm? Orderly?  :rofl:  If you want her to understand, jump up and down, wave your arms around and make a few high pitched squeals....  She'll understand perfectly.  ;D
  12. Kal

    Mk48 vs ??

    I was just having a bit of fun.  ;) Technically, wouldn't a Mk 48 be a 7.62mm version of the Mk 46 and not a C9A1.  Calling the weapon in question a 7.62mm Minimi would be like calling an AR-10 a '7.62mm M-16'.  While getting the point across, it isn't 100% accurate.  At least, not in the...
  13. Kal

    Mk48 vs ??

    That must be a hybrid weapon...  ;D
  14. Kal

    Punishment In The Roman Legion

    Unless you're the tenth guy....  :-\ :)
  15. Kal

    Sequence of a Suppressor failing...

    The suppressor failed after a lifespan of only about 580 rounds or just failed after todays shooting that included 580 rounds?
  16. Kal

    CS and batons for private security?

    When is this due to pass and come into effect?
  17. Kal

    Response's To "Ruxted On The Media's Handling Of Cpl. Boneca's Death"

    Read the comments in the link... It never ceases to surprise me that many people will see and understand a reality that they wish and not one of fact.  Conservatives pulling the wool over Canadian eyes, when fact is the Liberals sent soldiers first.  Afghanistan having nothing to do with...
  18. Kal

    Can I change this?

    Your friend personally and legally owns this weapon?  If so, why would he want to permanently disable the automatic mechanism, since legal automatic weapons are becoming an increasingly rare commodity?
  19. Kal

    Response's To "Ruxted On The Media's Handling Of Cpl. Boneca's Death"

    Well written. My quarrel is not with the family, this just may be there way of accepting and grieving of their loss.  My quarrel is with with the media for profiting off a very controversial story of a soldier who can no longer defend himself and his words.