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  1. Quiet Riot

    Temporary Duty ( TD ) merged

    Thanks to all for responding
  2. Quiet Riot

    Temporary Duty ( TD ) merged

    Good day, currently I am on a TD tasking 830km away from home unit.  Will be travelling back soon, looking for guidance on if we can conduct the road move in one day.  Have one member in a DND vehicle and two in POMV.  Currently only find CFTDI 7.35 making mention of travelling restrictions...
  3. Quiet Riot

    Actions upon arrest

    Best thing to do is do what the LEO is asking you do to even if you're innocent.  Things will get sorted out later and you'll be released, resisting will just get you hurt/in actual trouble. 
  4. Quiet Riot

    Direct entry to MP QL3 (BMQ WAIVER)

    MPs are usually promoted on the grad parade for BMQ/SQ or shortly there after.  You're in a unique situation coming from across the pond (assuming the RMP means that) in that you haven't done BMQ with the reg force or reserve.  On the QL3 that ran after mine there was a Pte on course as he was a...
  5. Quiet Riot

    The Spam and Scam Superthread- Merged

    Awhile ago had a young woman come into the office to report someone had hijacked her facebook, hotmail and MSN accounts.  It seemed the night before she was contacted by someone posing as an "old friend" who proceded to ask for info related to account password hints she used.  The person worded...
  6. Quiet Riot

    Favorite Posting in Canada

    Just got posted to Cold Lake in February, it's not that bad of a place if you have a family.  Being single kinda sucks not much of a night life, sidewalks are rolled up at 11 and everyone goes to bed.  If you like the outdoors it's great, tons of trails to quad or hike and plenty of fishing...
  7. Quiet Riot

    The Irony...Of Pee

    Guy on my course had similar problem, but it was elevated levels of creatine.  They had him do the PT test 30mins prior to the medical portion which was the cause according the Med tech.
  8. Quiet Riot

    The Black Parade

    Always thought they were talking about a funeral procession from New Orleans,  everyone dressed in black but playing music and dancing. Edit: Good interpetation of the song as awhole  http://www.lyricinterpretations.com/lookat.php/bands/My-Chemical-Romance/dfe093080cef9c7
  9. Quiet Riot

    Join the regular after being in the reserve

    By pass is pretty common from what I've seen,  depends on how many class B days you have  I think.  I was in the reserves for 4 years and got the by pass no problem, some people who have been out for nearly 6 years got the by pass.
  10. Quiet Riot

    Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

    You're expected to dress in business casual or a suit. 
  11. Quiet Riot

    Embassy Question

    It varies from embassy to embassy from what I understand.  All you need is QL3 and finish your probation period to apply, but you don't choose where you go they send you where they need you.    It's still MPs guarding the embassies.
  12. Quiet Riot

    Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

    Got my offer today as well, can't wait to get started.
  13. Quiet Riot

    Piss poor planning

    Found this from another site, intially thought these were some switched on insurgents. But after watching the video had a much different opinion of them.  **Warning gets alittle graphic at the end**  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=60fd7b9937&c=1&page=2
  14. Quiet Riot

    RC plane clubs in Borden?

    Just wondering if anyone from Borden knows if there is a RC field in the local area, don't really care if it's a MAAC or not .  Just got one for Xmas and since I'll probably be up there, I wanted to see if it's worth bringing with me.
  15. Quiet Riot

    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    My CT has taken me almost 2 years, but I went to a different trade in the reg. force.    And about waiting for your 3's, if you're going into the same trade your unit might send you on it and might not.  I was offered my 5's course till they figured out I was going to a different trade.  I don't...
  16. Quiet Riot

    WWII photo album, eastern front

    Just thought some of the members might like the pictures, I found it very interesting. http://community.webshots.com/user/summitphotographics
  17. Quiet Riot

    Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

    Just wondering if anyone was at the MPAC earlier this month, and if they have heard anything yet? 
  18. Quiet Riot

    CF policy on Quebec Seperatists in the army.

    Seems you're contradicting yourself by starting this thread then saying that.
  19. Quiet Riot

    Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

    Was wondering if anyone knew some dates for this years MPACs?