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  1. Fdtrucker

    CFLTC Qualification Standard and TPs

    Go to the Base Borden DWAN and on the right hand side look for Training Document - click on it. Put the course you want and the training establishment and press search.
  2. Fdtrucker

    Summer Training and CFB Edmonton Questions

    JC2213 to let you know you will be going to 3 CDTC D Coy for your QL3. if you have not been told you will be doing your field phase in the Wainwright Trg Area late Aug. You will probably buying your laundry detergent and hanger at Canex, so don't bring.  You will be working most weekends but...
  3. Fdtrucker

    Winter training. Hands, feet, and head.

    Remember the principles of keeping warm - COLD. C - Clean clothing, O - Overheating must be avoided, L- Loose and layered clothing, D - Dry Clothing
  4. Fdtrucker

    Nearly the end of the MLVW?

    DRMIS working at max efficiency
  5. Fdtrucker

    Driver Wheel Course: DDC

    THE LUVW MiLCOTS is considered a Standard Military Patttern, which is part of heth LFC Dvr Wh Training Plan and the RCAF 3/4 ton truck are considered Standard Commercial Patterns which has no Training Plan and you only required to have a Full PDL, DDC, SBC, DIT and Prov Sup test to drive it...
  6. Fdtrucker


    Did my first military motorcycle course with 4 Svc, also did the DR role there. that was on the Armstrong 500 cc motorcycle. I then did the KLR 250 cc course in 1997 and my military motorcycle instructor course in 2000. Taught on both operator and instructor courses before the motorcycle left...
  7. Fdtrucker

    Driver Wheel Course: DDC

    DDC, SBC, DIT and Prov Sup are LFC Dvr Wheel Mod 1 (2 days) and pre-requiste before going on to Mod 2 (1.5 days). then you can go onto Mod 3 or 4 as a initial veh. both are 9 days as initial trg. \mod 3 LUVW (GWagon) MOd 4 ( LSVW & LUVW MiLCOTS)
  8. Fdtrucker

    Segregation in Messes

    Wainwright has closed both the Dining Facilities of the Offr Mess and the WOs and Sgt mess last year. Now everyone eat out of the All Rank Dining Facility but there is a divider between the Offrs/WO&Sgts from the Jr NCMs. Edmonton still has the Offrs eating at the WO&Sgts Mess Monday to Friday only
  9. Fdtrucker

    DND 404 - Driver's Licence ( merged )

    MSE Safety from Wing Tpt can also give you the answers. Though if you have a RAMP DDC from a Wing or Sqn (ie 408 in Edmonton, 427 Pet) does not mean that you can drive on any or all taxiways/ramps. where you do the Ramp DDC is where you are allowed to operate and drive MSE on their ramps/taxiway...
  10. Fdtrucker

    The Mountain and Ironman Merged Thread

    Competed in it twice when it was the SSF Ironman. Finished 22nd and 14th on those yrs. Cbt Boots and rifle were included at the time.
  11. Fdtrucker

    Tactical Driving Course in Borden???

    PLAR was probably denied because the competency code belongs to CFSTG and not the Army. The course down south would not have had a Inter MA approved from CFSTG. There is another course that was ran in Valcartier last month Driving in High Risk Areas (not sure of the correct name) that the Army...
  12. Fdtrucker

    United States Army tightens rules on hair, tattoos, makeup

    Wearing of head dress in POMV is not mandatory. Will post reference when I get back to work tomorrow. Will be driving there today but I have to shave before I leave and complete the IR 250.
  13. Fdtrucker

    Edmonton Dining Hall Hours

    Not in Wainwright they aren't.
  14. Fdtrucker

    Edmonton Dining Hall Hours

    Breakfast 0600 -0930 Lunch 1130 - 1300 Supper 1630 - 1830 Though it might have changed since being posted
  15. Fdtrucker

    Policy on Clickers?

    I've had my boots double soled, had both front and heel with clickers on them for years. I had zero issues with  superiors over the years. Even had to double gun tape them to get onto aircrafts a few times. The only negative side is that I have almost landed on the backside a few times on...
  16. Fdtrucker

    IR in Edmonton

    In Wainwright while on IR you have to eat in the All Ranks Kitchen. We do not have a cook space in 654 or 653.
  17. Fdtrucker

    Valid Civilian Drivers License Required for Armoured Reconnaisance?

    If i was to find this out on a SIV or SAV to any unit, those units would be corrected. I have found that both PRes and RegF units do not read the appropriate pubs enough- LFC Dvr Wheeled TP or the transport manual- and were corrected. As you know pubs are updated regularly and if someone does...
  18. Fdtrucker

    Valid Civilian Drivers License Required for Armoured Reconnaisance?

    Yes you can get a Military Driver Licence without a PDL. If you do  have a restricted PDL or no PDL then you can not operate DND SMP or SC vehs or DND rentals. But if you have a Basic Driver Training or the Land Forces Command Driver Wheeled Course, these will allow someone with no pdl or a...
  19. Fdtrucker

    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    From CBI 209.997 IR will be only approved for the following: a. domestic disruption – uprooting the family outside the active posting season; b. educational disruption – moving dependant children during an academic year or a period of educational instruction; c. financial disruption – the...
  20. Fdtrucker

    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    When I was posted last year my Outgoing CO supported my IR request but the Base Commander where I was heading to had to approve it. Incoming CO was not even in the equation. CANFORGEN 32/11 (?) from Feb 2011.