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  1. Jimmy_D

    CFSAC 2013

    I know some tryouts for CFSAC have started today.
  2. Jimmy_D

    The Great Gun Control Debate

    Well, as long as their opinion does not emulate the CFO for NB.
  3. Jimmy_D

    The Great Gun Control Debate

    Actually, as long as you do not operate that vehicle on public roads it does not have to be registered.
  4. Jimmy_D

    The Great Gun Control Debate

    If a LE team is going to a shoot out, they will be using ball rounds. But their objective is to fire their weapon as necessary. A LEO is scrutinized more for firing their weapon. They are accountable for the amount of rounds they fire. If it is believed that they over used the use of lethal...
  5. Jimmy_D

    The Great Gun Control Debate

    The reasoning is that LEO's, ERT, SWAT teams etc are trained to subdue the assailant. Their training is to shoot for the torso. A torso shot is not a guaranteed kill shot. When LE Teams bring out the bolt action rifles, those shooters are looking for a kill shot. Most LE teams also use less...
  6. Jimmy_D

    The Great Gun Control Debate

    You were stating that an AR-15 is deadlier than your .308 which is far from the truth. Not to mention, that in Canada you are only allowed 5rd mags with an AR class firearm. So therefor your .308 bolt action is proven to be a deadlier weapon.
  7. Jimmy_D

    The Great Gun Control Debate

    The reason the Military went from a 7.62mm/.308cal in your case to a 5.56mm/.223cal was to take more men off of the battlefield. A 7.62 has more chances of killing its desired target than a 5.56mm, as the 5.56mm is intended to wound the enemy. Therefore taking personal from fighting to dragging...
  8. Jimmy_D

    UAV/RPA Crew Recognition and Honours

    OH, where can I get one of these? ;D
  9. Jimmy_D

    Individual Meal Pack (IMP) [Merged]

    For those who are curious, this site has some of the past menu's. http://www.mreinfo.com/international/canada/canadian-imp.html
  10. Jimmy_D


    I thought that was the honey?
  11. Jimmy_D

    Wearing of Medals Questions

    BZ Foxhound from a hometown brother.
  12. Jimmy_D

    Massage Therapy - Blue Cross Clarification Questions

    For massage therapy, you will need a VAC pension for a condition which could require massage therapy and a medical prescription from the doctor. That is unless you wish to pay for it by yourself.
  13. Jimmy_D

    Medical Rejection: How to Appeal? [Merged]

    If your are looking at the ref. of when your file is copied and sent do DMCA. Then when the file gets to DMCA, they should send your unit a notice. Be patient though, it can take some time for the files to get copied ans sent off.
  14. Jimmy_D

    "(U.S. military) Court wrestles with punishing suicide attempts"

    I am not completely sure if this would be the judicial loop hole or not, but if said member tried to commit suicide had a medical diagnosis of an OSI/PTSD. Then said member would already either be temporarily and/or on the way to a permant medical category, which at the time would technically...
  15. Jimmy_D

    The Queen Visits Household Cavalry at Combermere Barracks

    OMG they forgot to blouse their pants.  :stirpot:
  16. Jimmy_D

    Name that pin (From: Remembrance Day => Veterans Day?)

    Ah seen, I was thinking of a Crow's Nest after the last reference. Mind you I did no research on an officers mess. Oh well. Thanks for the challenge. Love getting a challenge every now and then.
  17. Jimmy_D

    Name that pin (From: Remembrance Day => Veterans Day?)

    I found that as well, and was trying to do a little deeper research into it. Just not coming up with much.
  18. Jimmy_D

    Name that pin (From: Remembrance Day => Veterans Day?)

    But with ER mentioning the Navy, I would like to take a shot at HMCS Oriole Lapel Pin?
  19. Jimmy_D

    Name that pin (From: Remembrance Day => Veterans Day?)

    Well I've noticed that the pin is quite similar to the North American Air Defence Modernization pin.
  20. Jimmy_D

    The Wearing and Location of The Poppy- Uniform/Civilian

    Looks like the way I where mine on my personal jacket or blazer. If we were allowed to wear it like that while in uniform, I would.