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  1. Dan Bobbitt

    Support for At Risk Soldiers

    Pretty good article from a US BGen (current Commander CJTF HOA and former Cmdt US Army Advanced Military Studies Program - SAMS) in reaction to the recent Fort Hood shooting and the important role all of us can take in being that shoulder to lean on for folks going through tough times.  A good...
  2. Dan Bobbitt

    New Israeli Approach to War?

    The high sounding but difficult to discern actual meaning of this new "conceptual-organizational-national revolution combined with technology" (whatever the heck that means) seems awfully reminiscent of Shimon Naveh's equally opaque theory on systemic operational design and how that approach...
  3. Dan Bobbitt

    HG&E movement - question about weight

    I just moved back from OUTCAN in the US. I moved down with 16K, somehow came back with 22K...I bought a few things, but not 6000 pounds worth. We're going to have to eat the extra 2000 pounds, but it does seem weird.
  4. Dan Bobbitt

    MGen PJ Devlin, the Army's next CLS

    pbi, couldn't agree more with your comments. I had the good fortune to serve with Gen Devlin in 97/98 when he was the 1 RCR Battle Group CO and he was an outstanding Commanding Officer, certainly among the best I've worked for (as a Gunner complimenting a Royal hurts a little...).  A real quiet...
  5. Dan Bobbitt

    Afghanistan: Why we should be there (or not), how to conduct the mission (or not) & when to leave

    Here's an interesting and well thought out article with some suggestions for an international strategy in Afghanistan written by a Pakistani Infantry Officer currently attending the Command and General Staff College here in the United States.  His argument is a variation on the ink-spot method...
  6. Dan Bobbitt

    Sitrep from Kahndahar

    Midnight Rambler, Great to hear at least some of the US units are coming with their own integral fire support, that was not always the case when I was there. I'm with you on the G9 vs Chief of Fires distinction, and you are bang on in that the Chief of Fires does not have command authority over...
  7. Dan Bobbitt

    Sitrep from Kahndahar

    You're absolutely right on the organizational principle of Artillery.  You're also right that it would leave the BG with no integral fire support of its own, however with multiple manoeuvre units under TFK now (BG, OMLT, PRT, US TFs that perhaps lack their own integral fire sp like MP unist) a...
  8. Dan Bobbitt

    Sitrep from Kahndahar

    Great sitrep, it was nice to get an update on how things are going with the guns over there, it's not always easy to get at this info from where I'm at.  On the G9/TF FSCC requirement I can back up OS's comments - I was deployed with TF 1-07 with the Gun Bty when there was no full up FSCC...
  9. Dan Bobbitt

    Artillery Callsigns?

    I'll jump in here with my 2 cents for what it's worth.  Agree with Petard that there may be some OPSEC issues here, and when you're not sure the best rule is to assume there are so i'll keep this generic without including actual C/S.  Also agree that the deployed Batteries (including the one I...
  10. Dan Bobbitt

    Artillery Officer Merged Thread

    I‘m the OpsO at the Arty School in Gagetown. To answer your question, with the introduction of new Locating eqpt (finally - UAVs and CB Rdrs) the Arty is developing a new Career Stream for Taget Acquisition - for NCOs, they‘ll join the Field Artillery, take the basic gunner Crse, spend some...
  11. Dan Bobbitt

    Canadian Artillery-5 Years[and counting] of Artillery Thoughts

    I‘m the OpsO at the Arty School right now (and the brother of the geek who runs this site) and thought I‘d take a shot at answering your question. The Canadian Army (CA)is in the midst of restructuring itself to make it more relevant to the current world situation (small assymetric conflicts...