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  1. 54/102 CEF

    The State of Army Doctrine

    Great thread all My take - having done not bad on AOC Res pre Kingston and finishing with a shredded butt post Final Drive is as follows: 1. Its not rocket science - Reg Army has a tough job just staying ready to start deployment trg. 2. Future enemy likely to be able to disperse at will with...
  2. 54/102 CEF

    Reserve Pension - Contact Questions

    Hi Final unit was NDHQ PRL - they tell me its been sent for validation....... but as I understand release - means they have no more to do with me. Will email them in the morning. Thanks!
  3. 54/102 CEF

    The Defence Budget [superthread]

    Straws in the wind but big names verbalising........... Get a trade / skill to take with you out the door is always good advice Troop reductions could be on the table, Canada’s defence chief says Lee Berthiaume Published: November 19, 2013, 2:29 pm...
  4. 54/102 CEF

    Reserve Pension - Contact Questions

    I released on 31 Oct, no contact with Pension Central so far. Can anyone advise what is the best way to get their attention? I know some fellow released guys have recently sent incandescent emails to the Minister and CDS. My thinking is ask When will I be contacted ? When can I transfer...
  5. 54/102 CEF

    Binoculars - Bausch and Lomb WW1 or WW2 ?

    Thanks for the feed back !
  6. 54/102 CEF

    Binoculars - Bausch and Lomb WW1 or WW2 ?

    Attention equipment Guru's Regarding the images - Any  idea of their age? on the left eye plate,  in a circle:   Zeiss Prism Stereo         8 x 25 on the right eye plate, in a circle: Baush & Lomb Optical Co    Rochester NY with reverse triangle in centre of circle reading      ...
  7. 54/102 CEF

    Reserve Force Retirement Gratuity

    Very I'm sure when its all done we look back on it and think what was the puzzle ? :)
  8. 54/102 CEF

    Reserve Force Retirement Gratuity

    Would anyone out there have a simple explanation on  the process to transfer the Gratuity (aka Severance Pay) straight into the pension buyback without it being taxed? My situation is a Buy Back as a Reservist from Oct 10 1972 - Oct 31 2013 I have been paying into the CF Pension since it came...
  9. 54/102 CEF

    Dieppe Raid TEWT

    Check it out - must some smart future leaders out there. Anyone? Yoo - Hoo!  :threat: http://www.canadianmilitaryhistory.ca/the-dieppe-raid-a-decision-making-exercise-operation-rutter-part-1/
  10. 54/102 CEF

    1945 Original RCAF Avro LANCASTER MANUAL

    Perhaps digitise the manual ? My father's cousin had a surplus Lancaster for a few years after WW2 - bought it for a song from Crown Assets in Southern Alberta - it sat for about 3 years dry as a bone then around 1948 RCAF bought it back and it flew on for another 10 plus years as a mapper...
  11. 54/102 CEF

    Graduate Studies / Master Degree / PhD [MERGED]

    If you look at any list of top guys and gals running big business - probably half never went to higher education and got started making their way to the top out of highschool Of the remainder - they come from as many fields of study as you care to imagine Many people run down the MA in War...
  12. 54/102 CEF


    Check this out 96 years ago tomorrow http://www.chavasse.u-net.com/messines.html Canadian Engineers dug in 360,000 pounds of explosives under Germans Lines - Here is an outline I put together on what happened at the 1st  Tunneling Company Site...
  13. 54/102 CEF

    NY Times Editorial - "Americans and their military drifting apart"

    My 2 cents In days gone by Empires owned what they took from the overseas owners. France / UK / Germany / Austria / Italy / Japan are all handy examples. Then another Empire had to step in - and the USA captured a lot of the former Axis Empires and kept them because a certain two land based...
  14. 54/102 CEF

    Iraq in 1915 - The Lonelieness of Deployment

    Great little story for all The Royal Navy supporting the British Army facing the Turks http://www.naval-history.net/WW1Book-NavyinMespotamia00.htm#XIII
  15. 54/102 CEF

    Departing French Forecast on Afghanistan

    This ain't what the bright faces have been saying http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/28/world/asia/bernard-bajolet-leaving-afghanistan-has-his-say.html?ref=world
  16. 54/102 CEF

    The Second Battle of Ypres, April 22nd, 1915

    Here is a look at Fred Fisher VC in this battle ---- the lead up to the battle starts on page 8
  17. 54/102 CEF

    For Wounded Soldiers - meet ROBOCHAIR

    I was down in Phoenix at the Scottsdale Ball Park week of 9-17 March San Diego Padres one upped the SF Giants in an exhibition match Savoring the glorious night warmth I walked back to the concession stands and as I was taking in all the Baseball scene Afghanistan walked by on 2 Hitech legs...
  18. 54/102 CEF

    Fitness for Operational Requirements of CAF Employment ( FORCE )

    I just did the FORCE Test at 60% of the available time LINK BELOW http://www.forces.gc.ca/site/tml/article-eng.asp?id=26&y=2013&m=03 Test 1 - simulate loading 30 sand bags in 3 mins Test 2 - simulate carrying a weight (I think was 20 kg Sandbag) 40 metres - then run back 40 metres to pick up...
  19. 54/102 CEF

    Find Hilda and Her Soldier!

    Click here www.cobwfa.ca/COBWFA2011/ then click the picture of the couple to see a new CBC Video on recently found letters from WW1 Canadian Soldier from Toronto And report back to us all when you find who they were !  :cdn:  :)