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  1. rmacqueen

    Who'll be the next CDS? Speculation here, please!!

    My money is on someone from the navy side
  2. rmacqueen

    Zipperhead, objectionable term?

    I have lost track of how many times some REMF called me a grunt to which I would indignantly reply that I was a zipperhead.
  3. rmacqueen

    Who'll be the next CDS? Speculation here, please!!

    I modestly agree ;D  Good to hear, always thought he was a great guy and I am sure he will have no problem filling Gen Hillier's boots
  4. rmacqueen

    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    Original prototype for the Iltis?
  5. rmacqueen

    Global Warming/Climate Change Super Thread

    One of the things that really bugs me about the save the polar bears thing is  the only population that is declining are the ones in Churchill and Baffin island.  The reality is that in the last 30 years the total population has gone from around 5,000 to 25,000.  But, like baby seals, they make...
  6. rmacqueen

    The Poppy Eradication Superthread-Merged

    It will be difficult for the Afghan government to resist the pressure of the US who seem stuck on the myopic view of eradication.  There is an opportunity here to convert Afghan farmers to the legitimate cultivation of poppies but narrow minded interests keep getting in the way.  While US...
  7. rmacqueen

    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    Your hints led me to MOWAG but couldn't find anything.  Good one
  8. rmacqueen

    New Army.ca Game (HEADLINES)

    After numerous delays, and going $1.5 billion over budget, Boeing finally unveils it new ground support fighter to the public.  President Bush immediately hails it as a technological breakthrough.  Rumour also has it that an carrier version is under development for the navy.
  9. rmacqueen

    Global Warming/Climate Change Super Thread

    The inconvenient truth for Gore is the fact that his powerpoint/book/movie is so full of scientific inaccuracies and errors he would have failed basic highschool science if it were submitted as an essay.  As for that envirofacist Suzuki, the fact that he is trying to shove Kyoto down everyones...
  10. rmacqueen

    HMCS Huron To Be Sunk

    And don't forget the gun tape to patch the holes first
  11. rmacqueen

    Put Leopards in Afghanistan stuff HERE

    114?  How many of those are sitting on cement pads with plaques on them?  Keeping my fingers crossed.
  12. rmacqueen

    New Army.ca Game (HEADLINES)

    DOD tests camouflage in urban environment
  13. rmacqueen

    Any favourite BMQ memories?

    He said sorry? Things have changed ;D
  14. rmacqueen

    11 Apr 2007 - MCpl Allan Stewart, Tpr Patrick Pentland, RCD

    Audax et Celer brothers, the family has lost two more of its best.  RIP :salute:
  15. rmacqueen

    Vimy Ridge no-shows

    Ignatief was there, but as an academic he probably knows how to keep track of dates. The Van Doos fought at Vimy along side the soldiers from the rest of Canada.  Douceppe, who proports to respresent all people from Quebec, should have been there to honour soldiers from the very province he...
  16. rmacqueen

    Army.ca Status- The History of Outages & Dark Days

    I like it whenn the sight is down, it is only time I get to eat and sleep ;D
  17. rmacqueen

    Global Warming/Climate Change Super Thread

    From http://www.howitworks.net/how-a-greenhouse-works.html
  18. rmacqueen

    Please tell me there is someone out there that remembers these dudes...

    Just to date myself, here is the actual video from the movie "The Song Remains The Same", which I saw in the theatre. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7604493165355598869&q
  19. rmacqueen

    Please tell me there is someone out there that remembers these dudes...

    Have to disagree, Asia was more than a one hit wonder. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6GhodMhcik http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTMJamacqA8 How about some really obscure?  Who remembers or even heard of these? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdOnfMUoD4Y or these guys? (whose lead singer has...
  20. rmacqueen

    836 RMS Clk Pride!

    The "soldier first" mantra is much more than putting on a ruck and going for run, it is an attitude that cannot be taught.  I learned more from living the life of a combat arms soldier than any training ever taught, I learned empathy for the person on the other side of the counter.  Anyone can...