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  1. mitch83

    Canada converts Sea Kings for battlefield role with SCTF

    does anyone know how they are going to select the ground troops for this contingent force i had heard about it but didnt believe we would do it because of man power ...i wonder if its going to be like a usmc type thing?....
  2. mitch83

    Lt. Turner, Cpl. Dinning, Bdr. Mansell, and Cpl. Payne Killed- April/ 21/ 2006

    condolences to the families  my prayers are with you .....really angered by the post 3rd horseman but thats for another day. Rest In Peace soldiers
  3. mitch83

    Recce logo

    Well no one said that the recce course was not hard  and im not, but our role is recce its not just a course its what we do in theatre and on every ex ...as well as the infantry recce platoon i understand that , and we arent tankers anymore we are recce ...now i know you are gonna come back and...
  4. mitch83

    Recce logo

    So u think recce isnt earned in the armoured corp i can tell u every dragoon in the  recce sqns have earned it .....regardless theres no need for insults especially about regts, we work closely with recce platoon and have heard no complaints. Dragoons are proud about being recce and F***ing good...
  5. mitch83

    Why are these freaks allowed to wear the uniform?

    Well I have a hard time believing any DRAGOON would say that not our style, no one i know or would associate with but again hard to believe a DRAGOON would act like this.
  6. mitch83

    Army Fitness Booklet and the JTF 2 fitness Booklet

    Hey well  i know a little about this , anyway by following the army fitness program they say that will get you through your psp test and then only when you have your selection date or your interviews done will they provide you with the JTF book anyway good luck all.
  7. mitch83

    LAVS in combat

    Yeah,  just found out today HEI is going to be theatre specific and looks like were using it for upcoming tour sounds good to me ! :skull:
  8. mitch83

    LAVS in combat

    I can tell you as a gunner in the Armour corp we do not use HEI thats what ive been taught GO RECCE DRAGOONS
  9. mitch83

    My Fiancé has joined the Navy...

    Good Luck to your husband Im sure it will work out although theres a huge difference in the elements im sure you know this now just thought id add my 2 cents i wish i could help with navy life question but i cant sorry .....hope alls well GO RECCE DRAGOONS
  10. mitch83

    RCD vs. LdSH (RC)

    Hey well i can tell you from being in both regiments that i prefer the RCD i am a proud dragoon as well the recce role and subsequent training is excellent our regiment has true morale and our PT standard is very high not to put down the strats but again i served in the LDSH (RC) and now a...
  11. mitch83

    wogs and kit

    Why would  you ever think armour would be last in line to get new kit have you not heard RCD is a recce regiment our operational tempo is extremely high and all new kit is required ...maybe you should ask before you make that kinda claim  :cdn:
  12. mitch83

    What if you want to change your unit now?

    well maybe considering reading your comments on another thread you should reconsider the whole process. PT is a major factor in the CF even in the reserves because they have only training nights and weekends they do not have time for PT so fitness is your responsibility and you are expected to...
  13. mitch83

    Canadian soldiers slightly wounded by roadside bomb blast in Kabul

    Dragoons are always vigilant and will stay strong    GO RECCE
  14. mitch83


    actually having a trainer will help alot if u have access to one
  15. mitch83

    This Summer's SQ+BIQ at the Meaf!

    it doesnt matter where u go it can b shit or great depending on your attitude and owen sound isnt bad at all  and if u think it is well you obviously dont have much T.I. anyway good luck trainings the easy part
  16. mitch83

    fitness validation IAP

    when i did basic we did the shuttle run and we did the test at the start (practice and at the end you do it again for score but remebering you do pt all through basic i wouldnt worry about it
  17. mitch83


    yeah BMI isnt that accurate for guys with muscle but alls you need is som calipers and PSP staff to measure bodyfat and determine if your obese or not ...I think this is the most pressing issue in the forces and sick of guys who make excuses and regardless if the army will lose alot of troops ar...