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  1. CL84

    Personally knowing someone who died RIP Cushley

    I went to basic with Cushley. Also known as Cush or just Cushley on our course as well. When he died I couldn't believe it because I look over at my wall, and there he is in a few pictures I have up of me and the rest of the guys. It's really weird and a kind of reality check for most of us. Too...
  2. CL84

    Sep 18th in St Jean?

    If anyone has any questions about basic or whatever, feel free to message me or add me to msn. csl84@hotmail.com Good luck.
  3. CL84


    I don't know how to do the quote thing, I'm sure it's easy but anyway I'll try to interpret the beginning dream you had. I'm interested in dreams as well. But this is all opinion, I'm no doctor. :) "As a child my father wasn't around when I needed him, but during the time of my courtmartial (...
  4. CL84

    Recruit school bypass

    I was concerned with this same question. If you do BMQ regular force, then it's 5 years. If I'm wrong I'm sorry, but I talked to my recruiter the other day and that's what the good  cpl said. If you did your BMQ in the reserves, I'm not sure but you have to have a certain amount of pte (b) time...
  5. CL84

    Free Time on BMQ?

    I'll give it a shot... I graduated bmq on the 27th of Jan.. 77 echo.. YAR! heh..you won't know what that means unless you were there. heh... Anyway, I suppose the right answer to this is yes you get free time, you get what you 'need', basically. After you are confined to base for the first 3...
  6. CL84

    Text size?

    My text is fine. I remember it getting all huge a few weeks ago though, but it went away eventually.
  7. CL84

    At CFLRS St Jean right now.

    Ah yes... Mr Change. I remember, and we will remember him throughout the rest of our career no doubt. Yes, for some reason the staff that do pt with you try to be harder than your instructors, but you will run into some instructors that make fun of the staff there, if you listen you'll hear them...
  8. CL84

    At CFLRS St Jean right now.

    There have been times where we have done alot of pushups let me tell ya. It DOES depend on your staff mainly. It depends what class you have too. I remember going into drill with our favourite mcpl, and he's a great great instructor, but if we make him mad...(when he gets mad the infantry comes...
  9. CL84

    At CFLRS St Jean right now.

    There is a guy in our platoon that is still here somehow, with 6 directives, about to get his 3rd PO failure (He's doing his weapon test right now and the rest of us are in the break area) and 1 attitude. There are some people with no common sense, or ability to just listen. Crap happens...
  10. CL84

    At CFLRS St Jean right now.

    You get directives if you get in crap. How it works for most people...is you get counsellings before you get directives, until week 4. Every time you get in crap after week 4 you get a directive. Before week 4 you get 2 counsellings. (warnings) before you get a directive...so if you got 2...
  11. CL84

    Packing for Basic [MERGED]

    Hey, I'm at basic training right now, going into week 7. So, they will give you a list of kit to bring don't worry. You can bring a hockey bag, I've seen some people do that, but me, I brought a back pack with like to civvy changes of clothes, and a big duffle bag full of kit they told me to...
  12. CL84

    At CFLRS St Jean right now.

    haha yeah i was there. pte shulaev decided , during drill class it would be best to roll his eyes at a mcpl from the rcr..who is infantry... well...we were already making this mcpl mad because we all sucked so bad..this is back in week 3.. i got my 6 friday. :) anyways, he kept repeating 'dont...
  13. CL84

    At CFLRS St Jean right now.

    ahh yes..sewing. After you get all your kit.. for me 3 days after I got here, we had to sew a 2 inch label with this ironing tape to our kit. There must have been at least 150+ pieces of kit to sew this label on. First iron it, don't cheat and just sew it on. Then label then sew it.. Jesus, our...
  14. CL84

    At CFLRS St Jean right now.

    Hey, sorry my last post was so short, I really had no time. Um, I'm writing this from the break room, we can go here after work which is usually around 5ish...we have supper then we go to our cubicles upstairs on whatever floor you're on (9th floor for me..haha) and do your thing and prepare...
  15. CL84

    At CFLRS St Jean right now.

    started with 60 guys, we have 6 dropped out so far..there will be more that i can see its too hard to say what we do on the average day..5am get up work til 11pm...
  16. CL84

    At CFLRS St Jean right now.

    Hey everyone, how's it goin? I'm here at St- jean, CFLRS. I'm going on week three very soon and it's pretty great here. Just saying hi to everyone and things are goin well. Anyone have any questions pm me if you want. Later
  17. CL84

    Whats wrong with our army?

    Yeah, I agree with everything you've mentioned Tracker. Things do need a change, and the recruiting system does need to be sped right up for sure. I agree. But, that's not the way things are right now. Right now, everyone who is waiting for that call, or mad at how long the system takes or...