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  1. arwin

    EX-Infantry guys.

    Hello I'd like to get a picture of what is it gonna be like afterwards. I'd like all the Ex-Infantry guys to answer a few questions for me. What is the highest level of education you have? How long did you serve for? What kind of civilian jobs have you been offered? Thank you for your time. :salute:
  2. arwin

    Life After the Army Experiences

    just curious. for example, an infantry soldier (NCM) gets released after the set period of service, that applicant has only a high school diploma, so what kind of civilian career can that individual start right away? besides becoming a police officer. a well paid career.
  3. arwin

    My Experience

    as said above, select the trade ur most interested in rather than choosing what's available now. my trade (infantry) is closed till april and all i am doing right now is wait and work out..
  4. arwin


    good luck to you...
  5. arwin

    Just applied.

    best of luck johnson101...
  6. arwin

    Just applied.

    did my aptitude test qualified and applied for infantry. my first choice of occupation. i am aware infantry is closed until march/april, while i wait i'll improve my fitness..
  7. arwin

    Just applied.

    thanks..... well i look on the bright side, if i really end up waiting for that long, i'll be out of college (graduated) in the mean while. but if i get my bmq date in like 3 months, i'll start preparing right away.
  8. arwin

    Just applied.

    thank you. i didn't armoured was closed as well...anyway its all good...i am not sure if i'll even be able to get in before march/april because i wasn't born here and on this site i have read threads about people being waiting for 6 months to 2 year years.... waiting doesn't bother me though...
  9. arwin

    Just applied.

    hey how you guys doing? Just a while ago i sent my application online. I have printed signature pages, clearence form, and references form and i have filled them up and gonna drop them off at the recruiting centre tomorrow first thing in the morning. For some reason, the online application...