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  1. Former300lber

    A 17 year old kid thinking about his future

    It's not hard to pack on some meat on your bone's, especially at your age considering your hormone's are like nature's steroids rate now, Just eat a lot and workout, and you'll start packing on the mass, and at your height it doesn't take much mass to get big.
  2. Former300lber

    Merritt Listed for March Selection date

    I am also applying for Vehicle Tech, if everything go's well, maybe I'll see you in March!
  3. Former300lber

    Merritt Listed for March Selection date

    Congrats! I have my CFAT February 10th, hopefully my medical and everything will follow very shortly to get merit listed by march, My trade is considered "in demand" so I'm hoping that speed's up the process a bit, what did you apply for?
  4. Former300lber

    Birth Certificates and Citizenship (Merged)

    You should have started to get in shape back in 2011 when you put in the application, it doesn't' happen overnight. That being said, if I were you I would continue to call the CFRC until someone pick's up, I was in the same boat, and just kept calling every few hour's, and eventually got threw...
  5. Former300lber

    Looking for personal trainer with military experience in Ottawa

    You don't need a trainer, just get on a well organized routine, which can be found on various website's, google "Starting Strength", stay active, get your cardio into check, whether that be walking a few mile's a day, running, jogging, elliptical, etc.. But don't forget, you cannot out train a...
  6. Former300lber

    Interesting Predicament, Any Help is appreciated.

    Once again, thank you everybody! You guy's have definitely put my mind at ease, I am just going to go in with everything I have, and when asked just explain my situation, it will be up to there discretion what they want to do next, I will just be 100% honest. So very excited to get this ball...
  7. Former300lber

    Interesting Predicament, Any Help is appreciated.

    Thank's guy's, I'm not so worried about them finding anything wrong with my credit, or criminal background, as I have no criminal background, and my credit is superb, from what the bank's have told me anyway's, and the constant push to increase my limits, and pre qualified loan's probably are a...
  8. Former300lber

    Interesting Predicament, Any Help is appreciated.

    ^^ Interesting that you say that, because I was informed that if I did NOT bring in the document's the CFRC sent me, I would be unable to write my CFAT. Infact this is from the e-mail they sent me after I had first contact. "If you do not provide these documents the morning of your CFAT, you...
  9. Former300lber

    Interesting Predicament, Any Help is appreciated.

    ^^ I appreciate that, I think I am over thinking everything, it's a curse or maybe a blessing, most likely a curse.
  10. Former300lber

    Interesting Predicament, Any Help is appreciated.

    Good evening to everybody reading, I am currently in the processing stage of joining the CF as a Vehicle Technician, I've received my paper's, and I'm going through them as we speak, I will be hitting up the recruiting center tomorrow for more information into my predicament and what I should...
  11. Former300lber

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Recruting Center: Ottawa Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: NCM Trade Choice 1: Vehicle Tech Trade Choice 2: Heating & Plumbing Tech Trade Choice 3: Med Tech Application Date: January 14th / 14 First Contact: January 20th / 14 CFAT: February 10th / 14 (Booked) MED Test: ?? Physical: ...