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  1. Bigmac

    Arrest in Melissa Richmond murder

    The media always jumps at any negative stories on the military. I know it sucks that the accused is a soldier but the police must have enough evidence to charge him with murder. The court will decide if that evidence is enough to convict. If he did this crime he deserves to be punished like any...
  2. Bigmac

    The Merged Thread on Gay/ Homosexual Topics and the CF.

    This same debate occured when Sikh men were allowed to wear turbans, Native  men were allowed to keep long hair, and muslim women were allowed to wear burqas in uniform. Traditionalists will never accept change. The fact is the current military must recognize all demographics if it wants to...
  3. Bigmac

    USMC Gen Kelly and MG Foster Visit Jamaica

    I was on vacation in Jamaica and returned on 06 Feb. There was a very large police presence that day. I thought it was just because of Bob Marley's birthday. Now I know! I wonder if the Generals visited Bob Marley's house and "celebrated" with the locals?  ;)
  4. Bigmac

    Op PRESENCE/Mali (Cdn mission/s, sitreps, etc. - merged)

    Training African troops to fight Al'Quada in Mali may be a losing battle. It would be better to send in other military forces but unfortunately Africa does not like western forces coming into their country. Al'Quada has made Mali their new base of operations. Make no mistake about it they will...
  5. Bigmac

    Syria Superthread [merged]

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2012/10/11/turkey-syria-plane.html Russia involved in arms dealing with another nation?  Says the Russian "civilian" passenger: " Nyet, that rocket launcher is not mine, I was holding it for a friend! "  ::)
  6. Bigmac

    Syria Superthread [merged]

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/oct/06/turkey-returns-fire-syria It looks like the Kurds in Syria may provoke Turkey to cross the border. The Middle East is turning into quite the powder keg!
  7. Bigmac

    Retire from CAF and entering Fed PS [Merged]

    Congrats on finally getting your leave updated Bridges!  If you think it was not calculated properly then you should contact compensation. Just remember that only continuous periods of 180 days or more count. However, if you had some multiple shorter Class B contracts of continuous time, with no...
  8. Bigmac

    Iran Super Thread- Merged

    A little show of force in the Gulf. An attempt to calm down Israel and remind Iran of the consequences of trying to close shipping lanes. Unfortunately accusations and threats are increasing between Israel and Iran. The U.S. does not want anything happening in the Gulf until after the...
  9. Bigmac

    Iran Super Thread- Merged

    More on following link:  http://ca.reuters.com/article/topNews/idCABRE88807820120909?pageNumber=3&virtualBrandChannel=0 Does the world sit back and let Iran continually lie about it's nuclear program and ignore requests to inspect their facilities. The Iran regime has made no bones about their...
  10. Bigmac

    Iran Super Thread- Merged

    Israel will not wait much longer for world diplomacy with Iran that is clearly failing. The problem is if Israel strikes Iran first it will ignite a full scale war in the Gulf. If an attack is imminent it will likely be a strategic air strike of Iranian nuclear facilities by a united coalition. ...
  11. Bigmac

    Retire from CAF and entering Fed PS [Merged]

    1.  The MPRR dates are not complicated to calculate for Reserve time. I've already processed a few with multiple eligible periods of 180 days or more. The number of days are already calculated on the MPRR so no math is required, just reading skills. The MPRR indicates start and stop dates of...
  12. Bigmac

    Retire from CAF and entering Fed PS [Merged]

    I really don't understand why the long delays in processing these at DND? I did have to instruct some of my CSC Compensation colleagues how to read the MPRR data. I really find it hard to believe that DND Compensation cannot read MPRRs, so what is the issue? I think 6-8 weeks is a reasonable...
  13. Bigmac

    Retire from CAF and entering Fed PS [Merged]

    Bridges I can only speak for CSC. I would think DND would have the highest amount of PS employees with previous CF service. I'm sure their timelines would be longer due to the volume of MPRRs they are receiving. You should contact your Compensation Advisor to verify they received your MPRR and...
  14. Bigmac

    Retire from CAF and entering Fed PS [Merged]

    I work in Compensation with CSC. We are now processing CF service towards PS leave credits. What we need is a copy of your MPRR which indicates your exact start and end dates history with the CF. If you can't get the info from your previous unit then try the BPSO office at your nearest base...
  15. Bigmac

    Retire from CAF and entering Fed PS [Merged]

    I am a Compensation Advisor with the Public Service. Before that, I served in the CF for 26 years. Believe me I want this actioned as quickly as possible too. The issue is that all compensation departments need a clear and detailed directive from NHQ Compensation on how to apply the CF service...
  16. Bigmac

    Do you need permission to skydive?

    The CFAO that is being quoted is related to military unit run recreational programs. It is basically letting CO's know their responsibilities in sanctioning recreation skydiving as a military unit activity. The poster was asking about doing recreational skydiving on their own time.
  17. Bigmac

    Afghan war vets reject Anders' apology

    Genie: "I will grant you one wish, what will it be?" Veteran: " Is Rob Anders still on the Veterans Committee?" Genie: " No, he was removed yesterday." Veteran: " Then I'll have a coke!" :facepalm:
  18. Bigmac

    MCpl Kristal Giesebrecht, Pte Andrew Miller - Canadian Forces Health Services - 26 June 2010

    When my wife and I saw this on the news we were both speechless. There are times when these tragedies really hit hard. Our sincerest condolences go out to the families and friends of Kristal and Andrew. Saints of God, come to their aid; Come to meet them, angels of the Lord. Eternal rest give...
  19. Bigmac

    Passenger train quarantined in northern Ontario

    http://www.canada.com/topics/news/national/story.html?id=8ad78a10-61da-4ae0-83dd-68da89156fb1 Condolences to the family of the woman. Not to be disrespectful of the deceased but for the sake of the other passengers hopefully it was an acute medical condition and not something communicable?
  20. Bigmac

    Who should MDs let die in a pandemic?

    http://www.charlotte.com/business/story/611580.html     Food for thought I guess? My grandmother just turned 90 and is as sharp and vibrant as ever. I would want the medical system to treat her the same as any other patient under normal circumstances.     But this thread is posing the...