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  1. Long in the tooth

    Word association (just for fun)

    Hefty (?)
  2. Long in the tooth

    You know you are past your expiriy date...

    You know how to 'off tune' the 510 set for better reception and 'Centurian' was a tank, not just a rank.
  3. Long in the tooth

    "Editorial: U of G to Honour War Criminal"

    Scott Gilbert needs a better editor.  Using 'where' in place of 'were' is simply poor spelling and/or grammer.  'Nuff said!
  4. Long in the tooth

    Reserve Pension- Merged

    Wrong!!! My contributions will be over 55%.  I have the printout.
  5. Long in the tooth

    Reserve Pension- Merged

    I have sympathy for all those waiting.  This pension was poorly thought out, badly conceived and oversold.  Mind you, expectations are way out of whack.  Noticed that someone is paying $5 a month (albeit expects to top up....).  This pension must be self funded as the reg F pension is.  After 25...
  6. Long in the tooth

    Sell The Vatican, Feed The World

    hmm, "Treat all religious organizations as taxpaying".... then they would become... corporations.  And as a rational churchgoing member my 'contributions' would then become a 'business expense' allowing me a tax deduction.  Ok, works for me.  A receipt for services rendered. It's ironic that...
  7. Long in the tooth

    GG Visits Her Canadian Forces in A'stan

    Thanks all.... my head just about exploded when I read the word "honourary".  Now I can return to sanity......
  8. Long in the tooth

    Patrouille de France Over Quebec City

    Nice pic, worthy of a poster.... any better quality downloads?
  9. Long in the tooth

    Ex-Ontario Attorney General Reported Arrested

    "In my opinion, they should have licence plates, like they used to. This way they could be reported for leaving the scene of an accident." Yes!  That would certainly have stopped this cyclist from leaving the scene.....
  10. Long in the tooth

    Ex-Ontario Attorney General Reported Arrested

    As a cyclist and motorist this is very bad news.  A short time ago a 15 year old killed a 50 year old woman while riding on a sidewalk.  The relationships between modes of transport in Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver is nothing short of rancourous. Many cyclists are idiots, but I'm avoiding...
  11. Long in the tooth

    Protest Coming to New Westminster CFRC 27 Aug 09

    If you look closely at the pictures you'll see some of the same picketers at almost every rally.... how they make ends meet is a mystery.  Maybe mom and dad are corporate types who don't know what little Johnny is up to when he's not at school.
  12. Long in the tooth

    How did you meet your spouse?

    Met my wife the typical Junior Rank's friday night way.  She was married to a friend of mine.....
  13. Long in the tooth

    Mom says daughter should get slain soldier's medal

    Having a soldier direct who should receive a Memorial Cross before deployment is a CF cop out and denial of responsibility.  It gets DND off the hook (again), placing responsibility on the individual soldier.  The Padre should be the buffer here, and GD it, if the girl would feel better having...
  14. Long in the tooth

    If America adopts Canada's health care system

    I have a very personal stake in this, being in the US under an L2 NAFTA designation (spouse is L1 so has SS# and can work).  Currently I'm covered under her private health and dental, though haven't had to test it yet. Obama's main plank of his policy is to enact a NATIONAL public system at NO...
  15. Long in the tooth

    U.S. 2012 Election

    $3000 for TD... wow... just like the CF!  Had a Col claim $35 for dinner when he got home at 1800.  Asked if he actually purchased dinner... he said no, but he was entitled to it... Glad I'm retired, but it'll take years of therapy.
  16. Long in the tooth

    How America wil end?

    I'd suggest reading "Rise and Fall of the Great Powers" by Kennedy.  He concludes stating that due to the vast size (physical and population), decentralization of power and the sheer adaptability of its people, the US may be uniquly immune to social cataclysm.  Now that I'm retired and living...
  17. Long in the tooth

    Military pushes overhaul of medal system

    On a personal note, twenty years ago I had two medals, even the RSM had only three.  Now there are Jr NCOs with half a dozen.  My aunts were awarded three medals without leaving Canada, while my father in Italy picked names from a hat, just like my Queen's Golden Jubilee medal. I'm proudest of...