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  1. turretmonster

    Military Command Software Center - MCS Personnel (Monitor MASS)

    No one should be nominating anyone to anything outside of MITE for crse admin. Ever. Duplication of effort.
  2. turretmonster

    Military Command Software Center - MCS Personnel (Monitor MASS)

    Just what would one be nomination in CFTPO for anyways? Just wondering.... is it for augmentee positions or for crse vacancies?
  3. turretmonster

    Military Command Software Center - MCS Personnel (Monitor MASS)

    Sweet Gebbus, just stop the propaganda. TM
  4. turretmonster

    Bomb Threat at Veterans Affairs Office in Ottawa

    You can contribute up to 35 calender years towards the pension. If you elected a previous calendar year with any service in it, it counts towards the 35. You didn't get the choice of just electing the years you worked class B for hundreds of days, you had to elect all your years with 17 days, 90...
  5. turretmonster

    Bomb Threat at Veterans Affairs Office in Ottawa

    Sorry to hear your road was so rough IRT the P Res Pension Rifleman. I had quite the opposite of my dealing with the P Res pension folks. They calculated almost day for day what I had calculated and found some long lost class B days I had missed. From flash to bang, IE them telling me my total...
  6. turretmonster

    How to recind or dispose of a military qualification

    Send an email to the +LFC MITE TASM shop at CTC to get any deleted CA quals put back on properly. Clerks are NOT suppose to insert or delete qualifications on an MPRR unless its a 300000 series qualification generated by DLN. Anything generated by MITE is not to be touched even with a CO's...
  7. turretmonster

    Buying back previous reg force time/reserve time and RRSP's

    I just went through this nausea and paid off everything with an RRSP transfer a few months ago. I saved an absolute ton of interest and my PSPA was reduced enough that I could easily absorb it into my RRSP overhead.  If I had paid monthly I have no doubt that over the 20 years of interest I...
  8. turretmonster

    CF 100 : Leave Pass [Merged]

    Share Point is the future.    :christmas happy: TM
  9. turretmonster

    RCD Mess Dress?

    I just had a new one made this spring for another Armd Regt here. http://www.andreitailors.com/military-frame.html You can have a white dinner jacket made for the summer or just have a red one. Its about 1500.00 new for the red jacket and trousers, but I'm sure there are lightly used ones that...
  10. turretmonster

    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    Just wait until we inculcate you into the Army way of thinkin buddy..  :D Its 40 dollar word day here at Army.ca.. Next!! TM
  11. turretmonster

    Reserve Pension- Merged

    Call the 1 800 number in the morning.  The folks there are very helpful. TM
  12. turretmonster

    15 April 2013 - 2 Explosions at Finish line of Boston Marathon

    "I'm pretty sure the brown pant and black jacket guys are cops." 100 % sure they were National Guard CRBNE teams. There is a great picture of a team mbr rushing headlong into the chaos of the blast with his meter to determine if it was a dirty bomb or conventional.  MISSION: Support civil...
  13. turretmonster

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    He must have suddenly"remembered" he had never served a single day in the Canadian Forces or any other. TM
  14. turretmonster

    Fitness for Operational Requirements of CAF Employment ( FORCE )

    Nope, you are going to find it challenging. I did as did most of my peers but its achievable even for old folks who are not going to win any body building contests in the near future. And yes Pat, the next morning your +50 year old knees are going to say hello to you like mine are doing right...
  15. turretmonster

    Fitness for Operational Requirements of CAF Employment ( FORCE )

    We did a practice run through this morning. Unless u are Jabba the frikken hut with a Krispy Kream doughnut stuck in your gob, and maybe even if you are, you should be fine. With the exception of the 51 second up down, sprint, I came in well under the allocated time on everything as did most...
  16. turretmonster

    Pension Transfer Value / Lump Sum Pymt [Merged]

    "That changed several yrs ago  and there is no max now. " Got a reference for that sparky? I'm pretty sure the 35 year max for CF pension contributions still is effect to a max of 70% confusing post... TM
  17. turretmonster

    Help..(Toast of the Day)

    To WIVES AND SWEETHEARTS, may they never meet!
  18. turretmonster

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    Wearing a 7th Cav patch no less..
  19. turretmonster

    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    Then you will have to put in a request to Ottawa for a search of your records. Just about everyone who bought back their reserve time for pension purposes had a search done if they didn;t have all their pay records.