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  1. Jager

    Cpl Mark Ravenstein

    Holy.............. Rest in peace Mark, I will always remember working with you in Suffield and the great laughs that were had
  2. Jager

    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    If you include Cpl's that started as CST or IST when the sub occs started, then yes I know several
  3. Jager

    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    IST Joeschmo, you dam Slacker. Going to have to meet up for a coffee this summer as I'll be coming through on my way to my next posting.
  4. Jager

    What would you do?

    Some things don't change... Nor do they ever work quite right ;-)
  5. Jager

    What would you do?

    Don't mind him, he's always this grumpy
  6. Jager

    A minor question about the rules surrounding timings.

    Assuming that you're post is 100% truthful and you don't have a history with being late. Then this appears to be an example of poor leadership or failure to pass on information to you. If a timing is 0730, then you are late as of 0730, not 0725.
  7. Jager

    Personal Story

    My condolances to you and your family
  8. Jager

    Relationship Matter...Help Needed

    Depending on the Judge and province it can go either way. In Alberta I have found that a Judge will not make a "step parent" financially responsible for a step child that has not been adopted. I know this from experience as I went thru this entire process in the last 6 Months and she had tried...
  9. Jager

    6 Stupid Gun Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)

    Want a quick way to jam a pistol... Try this (I did just to see, jams within 1 to 2 round on several pistols I've tried it on. Only one that didnt Jam was a RevolverĀ  ;D)
  10. Jager

    File Number for Secondary Employment

    Because thats how all new privates work. ;-)
  11. Jager

    BMQ - St. Jean - March 2011

    Here's the link for the publically available BMQ course lists: http://www.cflrs.forces.gc.ca/menu/cfc-ecc/dc-cd/index-eng.asp March 7th is the correct date for BMQ's to be starting
  12. Jager

    BMQ changed to 10 weeks ?

    Here's the link for the publically available course lists: http://www.cflrs.forces.gc.ca/menu/cfc-ecc/dc-cd/index-eng.asp
  13. Jager

    BMQ - St. Jean - March 2011

    There normally are several courses that start in the same month. Normally 1 English and 1 French (sister platoons) at the same time. If your flying out on the 5th/6th then your course most likely starts on the following Monday, the 7th...
  14. Jager

    BMQ changed to 10 weeks ?

    Nope, I guess not... According to the CFLRS website / Training Calendar (on the DIN) 13/14 weeks (aprox) for BMQ... No change is stated in the 2011-2012 Training Calendar that I have access to.
  15. Jager

    Idea on Chat

    Due to Aircanada and westjet wanting their money, they wont give away free seats ;-)
  16. Jager

    Idea on Chat

    I'll be selling the Tickets for the CDN Aviator Show. $5 gets you admission, Snacks and beverages of your choice are available for a minimal fee.
  17. Jager

    BMQ changed to 10 weeks ?

    Dam, you guys all beat me to the punch. To the Op, I suggest you stay within your lanes, since you are straying way out of your arcs...
  18. Jager

    "Could you become a Canadian Citizen?"

    18/20 got 6 and 13 wrong.
  19. Jager

    What to do- Avor's Journey

    I'm very sorry to hear that things aren't going well (I assume thats what you mean by "bad stuff very dark"), but I'm glad that your still with us, and I hope that things get better and you get healthier.