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  1. Pte Cowden

    LFCA Task Force in 2007?

    damn, well that's unfortunate news... I've already got some friends who left on TF 3-06, and they'll be bck february, so i'm guessing the next possible time they'll be taking Reservists from Ontario would be workup training August 07 and deployment Feb 08. and what's wrong with my name! >:(...
  2. Pte Cowden

    LFCA Task Force in 2007?

    Hey, i'm just wondering if anyone knows for sure if LFCA has any Task Force for 2007, i've been hearing army rumours galore about Workup Training starting February and deployment in August but i'm not entirely sure. Everybody has a different story. I'd give my left nut to be in Afghanistan...
  3. Pte Cowden

    Hot Spots

    I was wondering if anyone could give some helpful advice on how to keep Hot Spots (on your feet) away. I seem to get them EVERY ruck march, and afterwards it's hard as hell to walk, i'd really appreciate it if i could get some advice on how to prevent them or make them better. New insoles...
  4. Pte Cowden

    Reserve BIQ Course - Weekend edition - experience by others??

    I just found out today that my Summer BIQ is cancelled. Which totally blows, i was really looking forward to the whole 2 months of SQ, BIQ and Ex Stalwort Gaurdian. But now i've just got the SQ and i more that likely won't be allowed to participate in the Exercise at the end of august. However...
  5. Pte Cowden

    Infantry Courses.

    what does PLQ stand for? thanks for posting courses you can take after  BIQ, i was interested in what some of the were and what they involved ;D
  6. Pte Cowden

    Chopper shot down, crew executed....

    killing military personelle is one thing. Civilians is another. I've seen the copter video and i have seen some beheading videos. Anybody who can cut an innocent civilians head off with a pocket knife and not think twice about it is not a human being. Karma will come to them
  7. Pte Cowden

    This Summer's SQ+BIQ at the Meaf!

    hahahahaah i'm gonna be right on you're course too there bud, i dunno who you are but you're on my course at the john foote armouries lol Range this weekend, and gas hut, should be fun times 
  8. Pte Cowden

    Army guys, what is your regiment (or, for cadets, what regiment you are affiliated to)?

    Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (ASH of C) >:D
  9. Pte Cowden

    CF advertising at school

    Yeah man, i go to mohawk college, and there was a recruit poster that said 'Join The Argyll's!' and someone wrote over the poster "No War". It made me really angry, and confused. i really wasn't impressed.
  10. Pte Cowden

    Reserve Call Outs/Employment Full Time

    I like the idea of a contract, on the other hand though... It might scare people away from the reserves, not everybody likes commitment. But then i guess that's a good thing, because it'd weed everybody out and only the people who really wanted to be there would join. The idea of a contract...
  11. Pte Cowden

    Formal Warnings?

    Hey, I'm on my BMQ right now and the last weekend a buddy of mine recieved a formal warning (not a chit) for forgeting his magazine and rifle. I was wondering his that's like the last straw? so if he does it again he's kicked out of the reserves? or is there another step? I'm just curious.
  12. Pte Cowden

    What Should I Expect In Meaford?

    Thanks guys, it's good to know that information before i head up there. Sounds like alot of fun actually, haha or maybe i'm just crazy  :-\
  13. Pte Cowden

    What Should I Expect In Meaford?

    Yeah, so I'm half way through my BMQ right now, and we'll be going up to Meaford soon as well as in the summer for the SQ. I was wondering what i should expect it to be like training in Meaford, is it fun, i heard it's a messed up place. but what are the chances i'd come out of there hating...