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  1. LineJumper

    Canada's First Nations - CF help, protests, solutions, etc. (merged)

    Sadly, doing something like that would draw a hard line. A line many serving members would have to look at. I am personaly loyal to the crown, today.
  2. LineJumper

    Can the new polymer bills take the heat?

    The new bills don't catch as fast as paper, yet the C, L, and $20 would make fantastic secondary tinder in a pinch. When I have time I'll try slower combustion scenarios. No I don't have money to burn, but a safe with loot is empty if it can't handle the heat.
  3. LineJumper

    Funny Pix & Video Thread

    Looks like one I met at Fridays in Ottawa last month, no hammer though  :(  her name also didn't rhyme with Thor.
  4. LineJumper

    The brown Temperate Combat Boot (AKA: Mk IV Cbt Boot) - No longer CADPAT

    Those look like Danners. Maybe they'll steel toe and shank some for the climbing and safety types.
  5. LineJumper

    Alberta job agency turns to U.S. veterans to fill vacancies

    That has merit, if one didn't mind traveling, it could be a work from home area, then off to the sands in the off season. But that's probably too much like work.
  6. LineJumper

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    They had some pretty kick-ass make-up kits and wig racks too, at least they did in the mid 90's.
  7. LineJumper

    Alberta job agency turns to U.S. veterans to fill vacancies

    've been skill referencing for some telecom contractors, it's stunning the experience from out of country on paper. Put to task, they may as well have gone to BCIT or some such nationaly recognized institute for all they know (Nothing wrong with education, but make sure you can apprentice once...
  8. LineJumper

    Kingston Apts on base..... Your experience?????

    I used to party a lot with buddies that lived in the apts (mostly in the early 90's) no one seemed to have any issues(Pet and K-town). I didn't hear anything, but when half a dozen Lnm and some others are aboot, can't hear much anyway. Self help Ottawa? Loads of complaints and hearing of...
  9. LineJumper

    Russians set to do fly over of Canadian Military Infrastructure

    How can an 18 pilot carry on foriegn relations, fly the plane and operate a fold out polariod?
  10. LineJumper

    B. P. union blasts Homeland Security instructions to 'run away' and 'hide'

    I think in my world, the escalation through options would likely span the time to think '1,2,3'. Shit simple ROE. Unless I was only armed with a keyboard or pencil of course.
  11. LineJumper

    Member of Ceremonial Guard Wounded by Bayonet

    Perhaps a request to 765 to have a Lineman remove the offending manhole cover for the duration of the ceremony? (Edit to add) "Sir, we marched off with 3 files."
  12. LineJumper

    The Ten Commandments of RMS Clerks

    Sadly, this thought is easily defeated with personally owned 'smart devices'. I would also be curious how many log in via DWAN, more curious would be the breakdown of trades, but I digress, this is the clerk tapping thread.
  13. LineJumper

    Male bird loses interest when mates' beauty fades

    Not from personal experience, but it's been explained to myself that the widow phenom would certainly eleviate 'male' morning after anxiety during certain dawnlight rousing.
  14. LineJumper

    What book are you reading now?

    How to catch a pig, by Dennis Boyles. Now I know.
  15. LineJumper

    The Ten Commandments of RMS Clerks

    I'll have to figure some way of doing civy type work while in uniform, somehow I believe the clients may grow suspicious, not to mention my COC wondering where I may be.
  16. LineJumper

    The Ten Commandments of RMS Clerks

    And how many Lineman/ Veh Techs, etc pad their personal beer funds outside of their duties? My toys aren't a product of service.
  17. LineJumper

    Funny Pix & Video Thread

    Is the warehouse the new 'Fat-Assys'? I think it was que pasa last time I went on a piss-up in Pet.
  18. LineJumper

    Wrist Watch Recommendations - Merged Thread

    I've bEen sporting a shock ironman the last 5 years(no batt change yet) The band failed in 1 year. Replaced with a velcro wrap for last 4. It is higher off the wrist, but I can still fit my arm elbow deep in my kinda work and not pull spaghetti. I love the 3 alarms as well as simple timer...