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  1. kaspacanada


    Thanks a lot all, I've found some very useful shots. Cheers
  2. kaspacanada


    I am looking for a couple pics of a US Abram tank/crew, with the preferable image of exhaustion, or at least hot temperatures in a desert environment. It's for a presentation next week but the photos must be in by the end of tomorrow.  After searching google and the archives here I haven't found...
  3. kaspacanada

    when does rations/board come off your pay?

    Actually, it does not matter what kind of posting you are sent on training with.  The point the CFGB made was that all members were to be treated equally regardless.  Since single members still pay while married or members with dependents do not and therefore, they are still not being treated...
  4. kaspacanada

    when does rations/board come off your pay?

    The policy of single members paying for rations is in effect, a discriminatory policy.   If you are a single member you can file a grievance and you have a good chance of winning. See http://www.cfgb-cgfc.gc.ca/casestudies-e.php?case_studyy_id=41 for a good start.   It will be the seventh...
  5. kaspacanada

    Training of Infantry Officers

    Well so far as this pertains to ROTP's at Civvy Universities, I think some form of work with a reserve unit of their trade or as close to it as possible could provide SOME insight, and also some basic experiences as he/she progresses through the phases.  This could help better prepare young...
  6. kaspacanada

    Intelligence branch..

    I am sure. A friend of mine is attempting to go DEO Int reg force. I am in the process of remustering to it while I am in ROTP because they opened it up. Although I don‘t yet know if it will be open to ROTP, we will see.
  7. kaspacanada

    Intelligence branch..

    Reg force intelligence is opened up for Direct Entry Officer, although I don‘t know if the ranks have opened up.
  8. kaspacanada

    Want to build your own country???

    http://www.nationstates.net/cgi-bin/index.cgi/target=display_nation/nation=infectedarsole I love my people and they love me ... lol
  9. kaspacanada

    CF-105 Arrow (not army related, but still CF related.)

    There‘s a good book called ‘shutting down the national dream‘ about the Avro Arrow, at least that is the only one I have although there are likely more. Why don‘t you try a library and look it up. Government docs should have been released by now.
  10. kaspacanada

    The Michael Moore Super Thread- Merged

    At least the jobs are still in North America. I mean, he didn‘t send the jobs to companies in India like Bill Gates and Microsoft did.
  11. kaspacanada

    why would we need a large military?

    lol I haven‘t been on a reg force course yet..lol. But I do a lot of research on Cdn Defence relations. ;) FYI: I actually used one section of a paper I wrote last year to help with this though.
  12. kaspacanada

    why would we need a large military?

    We have an army? :eek: That could make our country aggressive...oops. Need a larger army? I don‘t think we do. I think we need to take better care of the one we do have...as well as the other two branches. Make sure it‘s staffed to its capacity, funded properly, equipped properly, and...
  13. kaspacanada

    Real Canadians or posers? 50 Canadians in Cult in Iraq

    I‘ve heard that some countries do not allow people to become citizens until the second generation. Wonder if Canada should take on a policy like that?
  14. kaspacanada


    Willy, I have no idea really, and that wasn‘t what I was told by another officer. But then again, he didn‘t have anything to do with the designs and he may have just been speculating as well. Can you confirm what you say there or can anyone else confirm it? It‘s not that I don‘t believe you...
  15. kaspacanada

    Just for interest, let's bet on the cause of this explosion in Burnaby School

    lol, sorry. I should make a correction to that post, I assumed it was a single male person. It might have been a group of disgruntled students or a single female. (SHARP catching up with me????)
  16. kaspacanada

    Martin's Announcements on Afganistan

    I might be mistaken, but don‘t think I am. We can‘t even fill the 60 or 65 thousand positions we have available at the moment. What good is 20,000 more job vacancies when not many people want to work in the military in the first place?
  17. kaspacanada

    Wearing Uniform in Public (merged)

    Mabey I‘ve never noticed any of the negative looks...but I have never experienced anything like that. I‘ve had a few retarded saluts, but that‘s not abuse. That‘s ignorance. I‘ve never been called a ‘baby‘ killer travelling on public transit in the lower mainland BC, or anyplace here in...
  18. kaspacanada


    It doesn‘t surprise me to see that uniform on ebay. I was re-issued kit this year from stores in St. Jean because I had to hand in my kit from the reserves, quit the reserves, in order to re-enroll under ROTP. When I handed in my uniform, it was what we see in the first link posted on page one...
  19. kaspacanada

    Just for interest, let's bet on the cause of this explosion in Burnaby School

    Disgruntled student fights back. :threat: Didn‘t like the water that came out of the fountain? Toilet wouldn‘t flush? Didn‘t wan‘t to write his exam? Angry about his engineering grades? Sexually frustrated, wanted to ‘blow‘ his load? I think this could be a case of ‘someone throwing the...
  20. kaspacanada

    FAT TAX ?

    "Toronto â ” Ontario Finance Minister Greg Sorbara dismissed assertions that the poor would be hardest hit if the provincial sales tax were applied to restaurant meals under $4, although he refused to confirm whether the tax change is planned in the spring budget..." Well, that price cutoff...