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  1. c/sgt_warren

    Prison Break What A Sham!

    not all us screws r bad people...im in a correctional officer training program here at the atlantic police academy...and i plan on never letting myself become one of those stereotypical guards...and try to redeem the sullied name of my choosen proffesion...or at least give it a darn good effort...
  2. c/sgt_warren

    What would you do???

    just out of curiousity...and for fear of sounding ignorant...wat does "yehodi wissak" mean...i know the other one...but that one might as well b russian to me...or...well..german for that case...
  3. c/sgt_warren

    Lanyards- which side is battle honour/dishonour?

    Um...i may be wrong about this...but i believe that there is a regiment of some sort in the UK that has to wear their berets with their unit brass on the back because they retreated when ordered not to...im not claiming that i am an expert...im just passing along what i have heard...please try...
  4. c/sgt_warren

    Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

    i was on the Canadian Forces Recruiting site i was reading through the requirements for acceptance into the military police trade...and before everyone starts yelling at me about making a new post where there r other ones ont he same topic...i don't want to know wats involved in the MP...
  5. c/sgt_warren

    Looking for information about trades in the CF

    i am just wondering as i am planning to become an MP...i was just wondering if MP's are also permitted to get Para Qualified...because ive always wanted to fall out of a perfectly servicable aircraft at a great height...but athe same time i have always wanted to be an MP...so is it possible to...
  6. c/sgt_warren

    The Military Police [MP] Superthread

    I am an army cadet sergeant here in PEI...and i am very interested in joining the Canadian Forces, but more specifically the Military Police trade. I've been looking at the DND website for information about what i should do to get ready or what courses i actually need to take to even qualify to...