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  1. davidk

    Sky Hooks and Shore Line

    Be careful not to trip over the contour lines.
  2. davidk

    CF Replaces "Arty-Sim-ed" Porta Pottie @ Gagetown

    It may fall under urban legend, but I remember hearing that something like this happened at Farnham years ago...the same story also explained why they no longer have screen doors at the kitchen.
  3. davidk

    PLA's new paint scheme...looks familiar?

    Nobody's gonna drag the PLA to court over this. You really think China would care if Canada tried to get a legal injunction? We're not at war, but it's not as if a NATO ally was using our camouflage pattern. If the Italian army started painting their vehicles this way, we could potentially see...
  4. davidk

    5 Sept 09: Yannick Pepin, Jean-Francois Drouin, R.I.P.

    From CBC News, with the usual disclaimers. http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2009/09/06/afghanistan-canada.html 2 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan Two more Canadian soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb explosion Sunday in southern Afghanistan, the military said. Since 2002, 129...
  5. davidk

    Woman yells "Heil Hitler" to Jewish man at US "town hall" debate on health care

    Interestingly, this surfaces on the same day....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYlZiWK2Iy8
  6. davidk

    "The Glens" win 2009 Tartan Tug-of-War

    Congrats to the team from the Black Watch, who improved from last place in 2008 to runners-up this year.
  7. davidk

    How Soon After Enrollement Can You Be Deployed Overseas

    Haiti and Kosovo are pretty much all wrapped up. Afghanistan is where the cool kids go these days. Most of the other overseas positions are for officers (like in the Sudan)
  8. davidk

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    Alpha 66 actually does exist...except it's a bunch of Cuban expats who opposed Castro. Same thing goes for Omega 10 Omega 7. Somebody's been reading a bit too much National Enquirer.
  9. davidk

    New Rucksack

    Well, 34 Brigade is getting the new ruck now - I just picked up mine this morning, and I won't waste everyone's time rehashing what's been said - just that I actually want my 82 pattern back. This may change after the next exercise/BFT. At least the compression sack looks good...
  10. davidk

    Most dreadful PT experience

    Don't be so quick to generalize. Your profile says you've been in for two and a half years. How many courses have you seen from an objective [read: not a candidate at the time] point of view? There are good and bad ways of teaching (and, by extension, running pt) that can be found in both the...
  11. davidk

    Cougars for the Reserves? - split from Re: The Reserve Force Regimental System & Divining the right

    The RCH had one sitting on their parade square inside about two months ago. Not sure if it's functional but someone did a great job refurbishing it for its future pedestal.
  12. davidk

    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    51st Svc Bn has an LCol - but he was a major in the fall, and still CO. If I remember correctly, 34 CER is made up of the old 3 Fld Eng Reg't and 9 Fld Eng Sqn in Rouyn-Noranda. I remember hearing something about them sharing a CO - may have already happened, may be in the works, not entirely sure.
  13. davidk

    Boot, General Purpose (Mk III acting/interim replacement)

    How does that work for class A reservists who are responsible for the purchase of their own LPO footwear? I brought up the contradictions in this policy to my CoC the other day - I still wear MkIII's but there are other guys who had boot chits and are now forced into GP boots - the response was...
  14. davidk

    Comparing the Regiments (PPCLI, RCR, and R22eR) and thier bases

    Maybe LFQA is handing out more shaving chits to offset all the revoked boot chitsĀ  ::) It's true though, there are a LOT of Vandoos with beards. It tends to stand out.
  15. davidk

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    Heard this last weekend, while working on a course at 4R22eR...candidate comes by the course office. Candidate: do you know where Sgt XXXX is? Me: He's running the range right now. Candidate: &@#^!&@#^&@!#^*@&#**$@@!)*^ [inaudible due to 9mil fire 15 feet away, 4 Vandoo has an indoor range] Me...
  16. davidk


    Army.ca can now join the PRes, pending Mike's permission ;D
  17. davidk

    Canadian Forces Recruiting Fair; White Oaks Mall, London, Ontario

    Perhaps he means cadpat AR?
  18. davidk

    Renaming of jr ranks mess

    It's one of the few I remember about their mess from when I visited on Levee Day a couple of years back... the rest is still a blur.
  19. davidk

    Renaming of jr ranks mess

    The CGG's Jr ranks mess is called the JFY club, after John Francis Young, VC.
  20. davidk

    Issued Kit SMELLS

    It could be worse...the puke smell was never an issue with mine because I got it used from clothing stores, but the groundsheet was used as part of an improvised shelter on an ex way up north - under which we lit a fire to stay warm. The thing had an intense (and I mean INTENSE) smell of...