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    OD T-shirt recommendations (In lieu of issued T shirts)

    You have several commercial options, although it depends on your budget... 1) Simple OD cotton t-shirt.  Various vendors.  Your best bet if you need this on the cheap. 2) FR shirts: Various types, most use modacrylic, vendors include Danskin, Potomac Field Gear, XGO etc.  DriFire tends to be...
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    Cleaning Vinyl Map Cases, Page Protectors,etc.

    Yes, exactly that eraser...the standard Staedler eraser is also marketed as appropriate for film, I think it also worked when I tried it
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    Camelbak, Skydex Pad kit, stealth suit, OTB Boots, Kifaru - Fastball!

    Gents and ladies, Going on school exchange soon, have some items I want to sell before I leave, if I don't hear back by Tues it'll have to wait till August.  Strongly prefer local GTA sales.  For fastest comms email alfpoon at hotmail dot com  For your consideration: 1.  Skydex Helmet Pad...
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    Cleaning Vinyl Map Cases, Page Protectors,etc.

    Believe it or not a standard white eraser does wonders on markers on "map-tac"
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    For Sale: Kifaru Express in OD

    Hello all, Kifaru Express Pack- (2007) OD, grommets, tan buckles and hardware. Used on two weekends then put away, cleaned, pretty much mint. Velcro on top is 2 X 6 " to accommodate CF name tapes and flags. Includes two foliage ITW web dominators. Pics on request. $280 OBO (no 6-8 week wait...
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    WANTED: Belgique Beret... black

    The Codeba berets were apparently the Mercedes of berets, good luck trying to find them :salute: For the rest of us beret proletariat the new issued Logistikunicorp cloth banded beret was an improvement over the leather-banded model...
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    For Sale - Kifaru Marauder Multicam

    Sold thanks everyone
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    ACOG - Need help finding one in Canada

    Hi, I was at Police Ordnance (Trijicon distributor in GTA, Ontario) earlier in the year asking about ACOGs, the long and short I got from them was some models are restricted (e.g. TA31DOC) while others were good to go (TA11-F).  Basically an end-user restriction and use (the wonderful world of...
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    For Sale - Kifaru Marauder Multicam

    Hello, Between work etc. the Marauder is still here, in fact I will remove the price range to see what offers I'm getting before I try to move this on American Buyers. Once again, Good condition Kifaru Multicam Marauder with Padded PALS belt, includes a Cargo Chair. Last chance before it...
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    Moisture-Wicking T-Shirt, FR...any feedback

    Thanks for the replies so far gents...just to let you know I also tried a driFire shirt, but found it also to be a bit on the "hot" side. Anyone have experience with Wickers or Massif Cool Knit T Shirt?  As I mentioned earlier I've been hearing rumours of toxicity WRT modacrylic (which is in...
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    Moisture-Wicking T-Shirt, FR...any feedback

    Hello, Searched some of the older posts concerning moisture-wicking, cooling FR t-shirts, and am wondering if anyone had updated feedback on them. We have a number of soldiers deploying to Afghan and am wondering the best choice to recommend for a Flame-resistant wicking shirt (for armoured...
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    For Sale - Kifaru Marauder Multicam

    Ok ladies and gents, I'm going to be putting this on the world wide web, so if any of you are even interested in a good condition KIFARU Marauder w/waistbelt, let me know soonest. Please email me at poon.mc at forces.gc.ca to discuss prices, it should be around the 300 CDN range. Michael
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    For Sale - Kifaru Marauder Multicam

    Hello, Have a Kifaru Marauder Multicam in good condition, padded PALS/Powerpull waistbelt sized medium.  Am looking at getting something OD with a smaller waistbelt, hence offering this item out to CF brethren to see interest and prices offered.  Afterwards, it goes on the open market.  Am...