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    Help Protect Free Speech

    It is rediculous that we can't print a few cartoons without some nut filing a suit against the newspaper, but on the other end of the spectrum, the Western Standard knew what they were getting into when they printed those cartoons.
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    It could never happen here, could it?-Canada a Target?

    I tell my friends that I want to join the Army because of the looming terrorist threat that Canada faces, and they all call me rediculous, 'cause Canada has never done anything to terrorists. Some people just don't get it.
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    Canadian Embassy holds fundraiser in Washington

    I'm glad to see that we're actually doing something about New Orleans, and not just giving idle words.
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    car poll

    Yeah, gas is only going to get more expensive.
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    "Over There" TV Series (Merged Topic)

    I can't say that I've seen either Over There or Band of Brothers, although the latter looks really good. Just wondering. Has anyone ever seen Tour of Duty? Not a bad show, IMO.
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    Link to a vid of looting at a walmart

    Jeez, it's pretty serious when the police are looting, killing themselves over stress and just plain leaving the force.
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    paracowboy's Rules for Gun Fighting

    I think I've something like this somewhere else.... http://www.snipercountry.com/Articles/GunfightRules.asp But, it looks like you've added in a few of your own at least.
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    Words of Wisdom I have said over the past year

    "You're not going to get any smarter listening to that hip-hop crap." Oh, how I wish many people that I know would take that advice.
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    Bolt Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    Great post. I love to hear it when the Americans give us praise (considering how we usually get so little).
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    Question about age & joining

    I'm joining up and I'm 16. I'd say that at 27 you'll have some definate advantages. You'll probably be stronger both mentally and physically than most of the younger recruits.
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    Getting ready for the phyical.

    You just gotta get out and run every day. Don't over exert yourself, becuase getting an injury can throw off your running schedule, and possibly cause you to stop. So just do little 3, 3.5k runs until that becomes easy, then step it up a level. Speaking of running, I gotta start getting back in...
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    Need the ultimate CQ weapon???

    U.S Rangers carry a similar tomahawk, but with a wooden handle, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Video of Gun Safety Instructor Shooting Himself

    That's pretty hardcore to shoot yourself then stick it out for the rest of the presentation.
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    What book are you reading now?

    Canada's Army - Granatstein
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    Just applied to the 48th Highlanders. Quick Question.

    No, I haven't spoken with any recruiters yet. I'll be sure to give them a call before I head down. Thanks for the advice.
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    Just applied to the 48th Highlanders. Quick Question.

    Thanks for the replys. I guess I should have called before I went down. Just can't wait 'til the 6th ;D
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    M-16 replacement for the US Army?

    I thought that the U.S Army had already started to phase in the XM8. I could have sworn that I've seen some soldiers in Iraq with the XM8
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    Just applied to the 48th Highlanders. Quick Question.

    I went down to the Moss Park armoury today (tuesday august 31) at about 1915 to get my application papers for the reserves, and the doors were all locked. On the website for the 48th Highlanders, they say that on Tuesdays and Fridays they are open from 1900 to 2200. Can anyone from the 48th tell...
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    Time spent out of Canada

    Alright, thanks man. But if you're wrong, I'm holding that against you ;)
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    Time spent out of Canada

    I'm 16 years old and plan on going down to the local armoury to sign up for the primary reserve, but I'm worried about the backround check, because I recently spent 3 month in France on a foreign exchange. I'm just wondering if any of you know how much this will delay the recruiting process, if...